Kaplan: Keep the faith Chargers fans

Scott Kaplan breaks down a recently released poll that suggests San Diegans are done with the Chargers, and encourages fans to keep the faith!



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7 thoughts on “Kaplan: Keep the faith Chargers fans

  1. Frank Converse

    Kaplan keep your mouth shut. You and Mr no talent BR (he adds so much to the show) is like a fart in an echo chamber.

  2. Dan

    Shoe your most likely a “Carpet Bagger” who is anti-Charger Stadium. I salute Scott for all the work he’s done to get a Stadium.

  3. darkkat38

    It’s not about if we are pro stadium or anti stadium the issue is about spending $1.5+ Billion of our tax dollars at least to prop a Multi Billionaire who has no desire having a team in San Diego. It’s socialism and bad socialism at it’s finest.
    Why bankrupt our city and taxpayers when the infrastructure needs a ton of work put people to work fixing up San Diego.
    Dean Spanos was all fine and dandy about financing his own Taj Mahal stadium in Carson but now is balking about doing it in San Diego while still putting out a crappy product for the fans.
    Now if he loses at the ballot box 99% chance he will –not getting 2/3 of the vote much less 50%. He has a fine stadium in Inglewood to cozy up with that snake
    Stan Kroenke to shack up in.
    I say let him go Spanos and Fabiani has been trashing us fans for years while saying how lavish LA is to them go enjoy being Kroenke’s b—- and being second fiddle to the terrible Rams who aren’t much better than the Chargers.
    We still can bring in the Raiders long term who are on the upside and still finance a cheaper stadium if folks are too desperate for football.
    But to screw the taxpayers to fund a stadium for the opposing teams fans NO THANKS too much money for too little benefit.
    1 super bowl and final four 10 to 15 years from now is not worth the cost we folks aren’t getting pay increases why support this ignorant jerk and enrich him.

  4. KevinKNSD

    How can you not tell us those things Kaplan? You’ve been following the debate for 2 years. Please don’t let the Chargers extort you into backing a bad deal.

  5. bensonrt

    Football stadium idea…. NOT BEING DISCUSSED:
    Now that AIG has proposed an indoor arena at Seaport Village,

    A New Location stadium location is “in Play” the Sports Area site.

    Dual use: open air football stadium adjoining replacement basketball/hockey/concert closed ARENA….. Use some of existing UNDER-UTILIZED buildings/land along Kurtz Ave. TRIPLE-USE counting new hotel…. See below.

    PARKING: 1) Qualcomm via trolley 2) local parking lots become paid on game day
    3) tailgating only at FIESTA ISLAND via pedestrian bridge over San Diego river.

    NEW INFRASTRUCTURE: 1) Local parking lots would have Special freeway entrance to I-8 eastbound for after game.
    2) trolley line extended from OLD TOWN TO SPORT ARENA. AMTRAK/ COASTER trains discharge at Old Town …. Where many fans can walk the 21 minutes or trolley/ bus the final 1.1 miles.

    NEW HOTEL: Built adjoining east end-zone directly overlooking football stadium… Mission bay SeaWorld and Ocean…. Room Rents on game-day include cost of 2 game tickets… Condo rents include season ticket cost. (zoning changes overrides existing building height limits – for this project only). THIS HELPS PAY STADIUM COSTS.

    New Sports ARENA : Adjoining stadium on the west end-zone. State of art. Attracting NBA TEAM?
    Good acoustics for concerts! Great video screens for indoor events and show event in football stadium…. Thus the Arena is the “overflow seating” for playoff and the SUPER BOWL!

    City Redevelopment: for LOMA PORTAL area, as the downtown/ gas lamp has already been SAVED.
    This would revitalize the area… Pushing out seedy businesses… Is “Les Girls” still there?
    Target shopping center across the street would blossom with high-rent business… Etc
    The industrial eye-sore businesses would move to the MORENA AREA….

    So much better imagine the TV views from that location! Mission Bay, SeaWorld, the Belmont roller coaster, PB, La Jolla, Mount Soledad.

    Airport Flight Path: Look at Google maps. Lindbergh avoid the area. In fact, I was inspired to reused the Sports Arena by recent flights looking out the right-hand Windows seeing clearly that it was well clear of takeoffs

    KEEP QUALCOMM: For Pro Soccer, SDSU, Moto-cross, monster truck rallies, koby swap meets… and Future OLYMPIC BID(s) in SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA!!!!

    PS: New stadium gets named either JACK MURHY or after whoever buys the SAN DIEGO CHARGERS. Sell the “naming rights” the next year….

    Also, I would love to hear about the County Supervisors solution… Crickets…only crickets

    Scott THX for keeping the dialog going,

    Randall Benson
    Carlsbad CA 92010

  6. David Hensley

    I spoke to Billy Ray in front of a store in Del Mar.I was gathering signatures for the stadium.He said keep up the great work.Well guess what, i worked my ass off everyday for signatures ,and i havent been paid for that work.So why would i want the Chargers to get what they want?Im struggling to keep my head above water,and the Chargers dont care,otherwise they would of paid me for my hard work already.

  7. bensonrt

    Frank, no wonder San Diego is stuck with a 50 year old stadium of the OLD 60’s MULTI-PURPOSE DONUT variety … And a POS sport arena…. With PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU TRASHING the few San Diegians , Scott&BR, working for progress!