The UFC has announced that Daniel Cormier will fight tomorrow night after all. And he’ll be doing it against Anderson Silva in a three round, non-title fight.

Respect to both guys for taking the fight on short notice. Not the least of which because Silva is taking the fight not only on two days’ notice, but just two months after having his gall bladder removed. Different cats. Different breed. Because not only is he taking the fight, he asked for the fight.

But the guy who impresses me the most in this whole thing is Cormier. For the way he handled a brutal situation.

The UFC released an embedded video that showed the moment when Dana White told Cormier that Jon Jones was removed because he’d failed a drug test. And Cormier’s reaction is amazing. Dana tells him “Jones tested positive.” Cormier stomps his feet and then says, “come on, dude. Dana come on.”

From his reaction, you’d think Cormier was just told that he failed a drug test. It’s like he’s been kicked in the gut. And then unbelievably, he goes with, and I quote, “Is there anything I can do? I’ll sign a release and we can just fight.”

Like, I don’t care if the guys roided up to his eyeballs, I still want to fight him. That’s how badly he wants to beat him. That’s how much he hates the guy.

He was willing to fight arguably the baddest in the history of the sport, while he was peaking on roids.

That tells you all you need to know about this guy. And what he thinks of the other guy.

Cormier’s been through more than his share of tragedy in his life, so that definitely wasn’t his worst moment ever, but there’s no denying how badly he wanted that fight and what a kick in the junk it was… A lot of guys in his situation would be angry that they wouldn’t be able to fight or glad they aren’t going to be fighting a guy who’s juicing. But not Cormier.

He’s gutted he can’t fight and is willing to do just about anything to fight tomorrow night.

How many other guys are looking to jump into a cage with a potential PED user? Most guys are running from that as quickly as possible. And for good reason.

That’s not the same as a pitcher saying he’d be fine pitching to a guy was on roids. Because the batter is hitting a baseball. Jon Jones is smashing  Daniel Cormier’s skull. And cracking him with elbows, and knees. And then not agrees to fight a guy who had failed multiple drug tests himself, and is doing so on short notice.

I know why Silva asked for the fight: but respect to Cormier for giving it to him on short notice.




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