A Richt And Georgia Thing

This past weekend Georgia Bulldog Jonathan Ledbetter was really drunk, and really late. Like a year late.

Because he got arrested for DUI…but isn’t that the sort of thing that’s supposed to happen under the Mark Richt? A player getting arrested? I mean, that was a Richt thing, not a Georgia thing, right?

Anyway, this is not your routine, cookie cutter DUI story. Apparently, Ledbetter was so hammered… that dude was found by cops, sleeping and drooling against the steering wheel at a stop light – with the car still in DRIVE.

Then – it took them TWENTY MINUTES to wake him up. They tapped the glass. They yelled at him. They even turned on the freaking SIRENS and Ledbetter just kept right on sawing logs on the steering wheel.

That’s the kind of college bender where your friends take sharpies to your forehead and throw you up on Instagram. Only this dude was behind a wheel and could have killed somebody.

Getting hammered in college and doing something regrettable is pretty much a lock. Of course, I don’t condone it, but it’s almost an American rite of Passage. Get fall down drunk. Forget where you live. And nap it out in the first unlocked parked car you can find. It’s bad, but not nearly as bad as napping it out in an intersection, while trying to operate a moving vehicle. Huge difference between doing it with SAE and doing it in an SUV.

They finally woke Ledbetter up after about 20 minutes and one of the first things he blurted out was, “Yes sir, I’m home.” – that’s funny on a frat house floor. But not behind the wheel. That’s all kind of jacked up.

And so was Lebdetter telling the cops all he’d drank was quote  “2 Bud Platinums”.  What’s Bud drop into their Platinums? Gin? Whisky? Bourbon. All of the above.

Whatever it is, it must be pretty strong if this guy is napping it out in an intersection, and it took police 20 minutes to wake him up.

You had 2 or 22? Just another in a long line of Dawgs, rocking the silver bracelets. And Ledbetter’s playing for keeps: most folks go their entire lives without being arrested: he’s been arrested twice in four months. Don’t get this twisted. Guys constantly getting arrested at Georgia was definitely a Richt problem. It happened all the time under his watch.  But now that he’s gone, it’s still happening. 8 times in fact, since he left.

Maybe it’s because the guys he recruited are still there. Or maybe it’s both a Richt problem and a Georgia problem. Either way, the more things change, the more they stay exactly the same, there.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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