Filling The OBC’s Shoes

The SEC’s Media Days are more entertaining than some other conference’s GAME days.

One of the best college football days of the year comes weeks before dudes even put the pads on. Gimme a bunch of big money, big ego, big stakes football Fat Cats lording over the room before a plain old Saturday football game.

SEC Media Days shouldn’t just be live on TV. They should be on Pay per view. Because they now have a new headliner.

In the post Ball Coach world- there’s been a question of who will fill the Spurrier role of media rock star. It sure as hell ain’t The Sabes. Lester Miles can be a wild man – but he’s more like a werewolf – only shows up crazy on the mic maybe once a month. The guy who’s getting nice every single time is the same dude who got Arkansas to 8 wins a year ago. Bret Arnold Bielema.

There’s your first overall pick in SEC Media Days Fantasy leagues.

As the Hogs have gotten better, his game has gotten so good, and so versatile. Check the talent he put on tape yesterday. Check the different notes the guy hit.

In the same session in which he talked about the era of Black Lives Matter and players understanding the importance of their platform… Coach drops a little story about finding out Michigan was dropping Arkansas from its schedule while he was on a train in Paris.

The new press conference king pointed at the Academic All American scoreboard he’s got the Hogs on top of… and also said his program just needs a little more time with the guy-liner and blow drier. “At Arkansas we’re not built very sexy, we’re just kind of a work in progress. We need a lot of time in the bathroom to get ready and come out and look great. But when we do, we’ll stop time.” 

You’ll stop time, and you’ll be “borderline erotic” coach.

Everybody wants a quarterback who can make all the throws. The SEC needs a coach who can make all the quotes. Arkansas’s wins are way up. Their arrests are way down. Bret Arnold is a hell of a coach, a hell of a quote… He may not be the OBC yet, but he’s getting close.

To use your own closer, Coach: “thank you Bret, Go Hogs.”



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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