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All Topics: Preparation for Rio Olympics | Bringing in a Select Team | Gregg Popovich coming in | Never seeing some of his players play in person | Coaching Kyrie Irving again | Irving’s intelligence | LeBron James’ Finals performance | LeBron’s leadership voice | Kevin Durant going to Golden State | Golden State’s chemistry | Durant’s the best scorer in the world | His experience with USA Basketball

July 19th 2016

Coach K on LeBron James: “He has a great leadership voice.”

July 31st 2015

All Topics: Life is good right now | Two weeks out of Team USA mini-camp in Las Vegas | No World team tournament this summer | Getting ready for Rio 2016 | Players re-upping their commitment | LeBron James’ status for the 2016 games | NBA players making deep runs in the playoffs | Not over practicing the players | Paul George injury | Paul will be watching in Las Vegas | Good to see Paul play a little bit at the end of the season | Fred Hoiberg and Billy Donovan heading to the NBA | Learning curve

Coach K on how they view Team USA Basketball: “Family.”

Coach K

Feb 26th 2015

All Topics: Weather | Beating Virginia Tech in overtime last night | Buzz Williams is a terrific coach | Quinn Cook | Jahlil Okafor’s is as good as anyone he’s coached at Duke | Okafor is the real deal, he has no demons | His freshman | Freshman being different now | USA Basketball has really helped today’s American players | Syracuse and Duke turning into a rivalry fast | Derrick Rose | Rose reminds him of Grant Hill | Coaching Rose | Hopefully Rose bounces back | Kobe Bryant | Thinks Kobe will go out swinging | Getting his 1,000th win | The administrations he’s worked with

Coach K on Jahlil Okafor: “He’s as good as anyone I’ve coached at Duke.”

Coach K

July 1st 2014

All Topics: Team USA basketball | FIBA Basketball World Cup | Team USA minicamp | Last World Championship was Kevin Durant’s break out party | Hoping to have Derrick Rose at the minicamp | Rose’s history with Team USA | The Big 3 in Miami | The business side of basketball | LeBron’s worth | Kobe Bryant’s personality | NBA Finals | San Antonio’s confidence | Spurs domination in the last 3 games | Gregg Popovich being one of the greatest coaches ever | 4 McDonalds All-Americans joining Duke this season | Jahlil Okafor | Okafor’s talents | Loss to Mercer in the NCAA Tournament

Coach K on Gregg Popovich: “He’s mastered that NBA.”

Mike Krzyzewski

May 28th 2013

All Topics: Explains why he decided to come back to Team USA | Conversation with Jerry Colangelo | Colangelo saying Coach K was having withdrawal issues | The Duke community responded very nicely to his decision to return to Team USA | Team USA has given Duke a global presence | Team USA has made him a better college coach | Coaching against international coaches | Team USA has given him more life | 66 years old | His energy level | Loves what he does | Why give up something he loves | Tim Duncan | Duncan’s level of play at 37 | Duncan taking care of himself | Spurs vs. LeBron possibly | Gregg Popovich’s defense vs. LeBron | Spurs are hard to defend | Tony Parker | Team USA had a hard time with Parker | Spurs ball screens |

Coach K on his experience with Team USA: “It has given me even more life.”

Coach K

Aug 14, 2012:

Coach K’s take on LeBron James: “He’s the best player on this planet.”

Mike Krzyzewski

May 17, 2012:

Coach K’s thoughts on if athletes should be compensated financially for playing in the Olympics: “When you represent your country you should not get paid.”

Mike Krzyzewski

Nov 16, 2011:

Coach K on becoming the winningest coach in Men’s NCAA Division I history: “Yesterday was an amazingly special day for our family and basketball program.”

Mike Krzyzewski

Sep 16, 2010:

Topics: Great time at the World Championships | The team coming together quickly and being able to win the tournament | Leadership of Chauncey Billups and Lamar Odom | 5 guys were 21 years old on the team | Kevin Durant | Durant exploding globally | Not sure if a US player has ever done as much as Durant for a USA team | USA Basketball | Jerry Colangelo building a structure for USA Basketball | Putting a team together for 2012 | My family is excited for me to have next summer off | Using a pool of players | This 2010 team really needed its defense more than the 2008 squad | Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook | Lamar Odom is a great player | Odom deferring to much | There’s no way we would have won without Lamar Odom | Kobe Bryant told him he would love Lamar | Miami Heat | Wade, James and Bosh | Better coach because of the experience of USA Basketball |

Mike Krzyzewski

Apr 13, 2010:

Topics: Love my team | Still excited | Compared this title to the other 3 | This squad wasn’t as talented | We had to do it with rebounding and defense | Toughness and Character were our strength | Lance Thomas and Brian Zoubek were huge | What’s changed since the 1st Championship | Star freshmen and one and done’s in the game | New Jersey job | Done with the NBA thing | There’s a learning curve in the pro game | Flattered by job offers | Olympic team conversation | Hosting Bruce Springsteen show | Coach K’s enthusiasm for his job

Mike Krzyzewski

Mar 30, 2010:

Topics: Return to the Final Four for the first time since 2004 | Burden and pressure putting the uniform on | Not appreciating the line of thinking why it took them so long to get back to this position | Reaction to Jon Scheyer | Pressure of coaching the Olympic team | Maintaining the edge as a Head Coach.

Mike Krzyzewski

Feb 08, 2010:

Topics: Beating Boston College Saturday night; a must win? | Struggle on the road | Team Leader: Jon Scheyer | The backcourt; recruiting basketball players, not positions | Best group had in the backcourt? | Explaining his quote | Players who have made a dramatic impression on him | Kevin Durant’s impressions.

Mike Krzyzewski



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