Golf Doesn’t Need Tiger

I can’t even slug this story with “breaking news.” Because it’s not news. Tiger Woods has withdrawn from the PGA Championship. No he hasn’t. Because he was never in it to begin with.

His agent says he has decided not to play in any event for the rest of the season. No he hasn’t. His body decided that a long time ago.

Tiger’s not playing in 2016? Neither am I. That’s not news. “News” is defined as “newly received or noteworthy information.” And Tiger letting us know he’s not playing is neither. Because he’s not letting us know. We ALREADY know.

That wouldn’t’ lead a newscast. That wouldn’t even show up during the wacky sports segment. Maybe, maybe – it’s an afterthought in the final 10 seconds of the broadcast while the anchors are saying goodnight and collecting their papers. It’s not news if nobody is asking about it.

And I know the game of golf is not asking when Tiger is coming back. Because golf is doing just fine. It’s doing great actually.

Incredible Masters with Jordan Spieth’s’ meltdown. Incredible US Open with Dustin Johnson finally beating his demons. Incredible British with Stenson and Thefty torching the course. The game doesn’t NEED Tiger.

Why would Golf need some old shot fighter taking camera time from the actual contenders. How’s the game going to survive without Tiger? The game has never been deeper. Or younger. Or more talented.

Nobody watching Dustin, Rory, Ricky and Bubba on a Sunday is going to say… This is okay, I guess. But you know what this major really needs? A 40-year old, with a trick back who I used to worship when I was in high school! Nobody needs that.

Nobody needed to hear he’s out for the year. And really, nobody needs to hear when he’s out next year.

The only thing that Tiger disciples need to hear – is the truth about his future. He’s going to spend the next few decades holed up his mansion, playing his video games, showing up here and there to shoot 76 at the Arnie Invite, giving a couple interviews where he says nothing, and the only truly meaningful t-shots he’s going to take will be 25 years from now when they get Tiger and Lefty to start the Masters with a ceremonial swing. That’s it. There’s your truth. There’s your breaking news.

But other than that – it’s not news that Tiger is Broken. Tell me something I didn’t already know.




This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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