Official Car Of America’s Team

I love that for home games this Fall, Alfred Morris is going to drive to a billion dollar stadium in a 2-dollar car. If I’m talking about Morris’s Mazda 626 named “Bentley”- you probably worry that the old girl has finally died.

It’s like seeing a celebrity name on twitter. Oh no- not Bentley!

We first found out about Bentley a few years back, when a guy who was second in the league in rushing in 2012, was rolling a whip from 1991. And she’s still kicking. And we’re still learning things about her. Like the fact that Al Morris bought Bentley from his pastor…. For 2 dollars!

Not 2 thousand. Not even 2 hundred. 2 bucks for an entire car. And 2 questions: Why not just GIVE it to the kid for free. And how did that negotiation go for Bentley: You can take her off my hands for 10 bucks. I’ll give you 2. Okay, fine – 8 bucks. I’ll give you 2. 3 bucks final offer! I’ll give you 2, you give me the keys. Got change for a 5?

That’s a legendary story. At this point, striking that deal for Bentley is more iconic than the Cowboys cutting the deal for Herschel Walker.

I wonder if Morris can find somebody to sell him a 6 dollar house. And I just want to know more. There needs to be a Behind The Music and 30 for 30 about Bentley.

And what needs to stop is people saying –  Enough’s enough with that POC. You have a 3.5 million dollar deal – at least upgrade to a Dodge Stratus or something dude. Hell no. Never. And neither would you.

Tell me you don’t’ wish you still had your first ride? We all do. I would roll my XR4Ti to work on Fridays right now if I could, but I could barely get it to the office 30 years ago. Bentley is still a runner. That’s the kind of value you get for 2 bones.

Morris worked that pastor worse than Bob Bonilla worked the Mets. It’s my favorite iconic American car.

You can have your General Lee, The Batmobile, The DeLorean. You can have Herbie. Give me Bentley. Jerry Jones probably dropped a million bucks on his stripper bus. But the official car of America’s Team is a 2-buck Bentley.



This post brought to you by Jim Rome.

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