Joey Bosa won’t report to the start of Chargers Training Camp

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The San Diego Chargers are opening Training Camp today, but they’ll do it without their 1st Round pick, Defensive End Joey Bosa.

Bosa is seen as the most “NFL-ready” player in this year’s draft class, and he was expected to be the team’s starting Defensive End opposite Corey Liuget, but if he winds up missing a significant portion of Training Camp he could lose that starting spot.

It’s not unheard of for a rookie contract holdout to drag all the way into the regular season, but it hasn’t happened since the introduction of the NFL Rookie Wage Scale in 2012.

The battle being fought between Bosa and the Chargers is over offset money. Offset money works like this:

Let’s imagine that Chargers are scheduled to pay Bosa $1 million dollars for a season, but they release him before or during that season. Bosa ends up signing with another NFL team, and his salary from that team is $500,000 for the same season the Chargers were scheduled to pay him $1 million. The offset language that most players have in their contract says, at that point, the Chargers would only be responsible for the $500,000 that Bosa was not recouping from his new team.

What Bosa, and his agent, are asking for from the Chargers is no offset language. What the Chargers agree to pay him, they pay him, no matter if he’s still with the team or signed with someone else.

Tom Telesco has made the point that the team is not ready to give their rookie something that they declined to give Keenan Allen, Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, or any of the other stars that have been on the roster for years. We’ll see if he blinks first, or if Bosa makes his way to camp to accept the Chargers deal some time in the next few days.

VIDEO: Dan Sileo says Training Camp is absolutely critical to getting rookies up to speed in the NFL. The longer Joey Bosa holds out, the more it hurts the Chargers. 



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