Joey Bosa’s mom: “Wish we pulled an Eli Manning”

Earlier today, an attentive San Diego Chargers fan noticed that the mother of Joey Bosa had made a comment on Facebook that was very critical of the team that had drafted her son…

Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune has confirmed that the account does belong to Cheryl Bosa and that is was her that made the comment.

By saying that she wishes that her son had “pulled an Eli Manning on draft day,” Mrs. Bosa is referring to when the Manning family told the San Diego Chargers before the 2004 NFL Draft to not draft Eli because he would not sign with them. Eventually, the Chargers selected Manning with the 1st overall pick and traded him to the New York Giants in exchange for a package that included Philip Rivers.

If the Chargers were to explore trading Joey Bosa instead of signing him, they would need to do so before this upcoming Wednesday, August 10th.



4 thoughts on “Joey Bosa’s mom: “Wish we pulled an Eli Manning”

  1. Iron Mountain

    Perhaps the Bosa family should have checked out his agent, who is always trying to make a name for himself. Both sides need to take a step forward, it’s not all the Chargers fault.

  2. don quixote

    If the Chargers don’t meet Condon and Bosa half way, he definitely will be re-entering next years draft. Sure Bosa loses a year but he is only 21, and the Chargers lose the 3rd overall pick of the 2016 draft.

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