Scott & BR: Low blow from Joey Bosa’s mom

Scott and BR discuss the low blow from Joey Bosa’s mom and why she’s made the whole contract situation worse.



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7 thoughts on “Scott & BR: Low blow from Joey Bosa’s mom

  1. Tally Carr

    She knew exactly what she was doing, and how hurtful her comment would be, as she IS the wife of a former NFL player. Trying her hand at emotional hostage negoiating? May work with kid’s, spouses, bff’s/former friend’s and some coworkers…with a professional football league franchise? Most definitely unlikely. We believe Joey is good, but will college good translate to NFL competence? Your’e going to have to cut the umbellica cord, mom and dad for a near future resolution. Trust your son.

  2. Gerald Reynolds

    The Chargers are the ones at fault here. The CBA established this kids worth for where he was drafted long ago. So what is the hold up? Pay the going rate Chargers or trade the kid for a future pick. All the embarrassment is on the Chargers front office.

  3. anewman513

    I don’t care if this kid never plays a single down for the Chargers; what he wants is unreasonable. I almost never side with the Chargers front office, but in this case I hope they stand firm.

  4. don quixote

    Tom Condon, eats guys like John Spanos and Telesco for lunch. I’d have Condon represent me any day. Simply put the Chargers organization is incompetent. Alex Spanos’ legacy has been tarnished.

  5. Brennan

    I think both parties are at fault and team Bosa is asking for 100 % of the bonus where the chargers want to give a % they both need to find a happy medium