Chargers won’t trade Bosa; Haven’t spoken in 12 days

After his mother commented on Facebook that she wished her son has “pulled an Eil Manning on draft day”, some thought that the San Diego Chargers might explore trading  Joey Bosa instead of trying to settle their differences in contract negotiations.

It appears the Chargers were never interested in that possibility, and have now missed the deadline to move Bosa’s right to another team.

The Chargers now have until Week 10 of the 2016 NFL Regular Season to sign the Defensive End from Ohio State or risk having him be re-entered into the draft pool for the 2017 NFL Draft.

The big news in Adam Schefter’s tweet above is that the Chargers’ front office and Bosa’s representatives have not spoken since before the start of Chargers Training Camp. That would seem to imply that the two sides are not getting closer to a deal and that Chargers fans are not getting closer to seeing #99 at Chargers Park.



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