Antonio Gates tells Joey Bosa to “be a man”

It sounds like, after a long a drawn out contract negotiation between the San Diego Chargers and rookie DE Joey Bosa, some of the veterans down at Chargers Park are getting tired of waiting to see the team’s 1st Round draft pick.

Here’s what Antonio Gates, one of the team’s captains in recent years, said to Tom Krasovic yesterday:

“My advice to any player that’s going through any kind of contract situation is that, at one point, you’ve got to be a man and you’ve got to understand that you’ve got to get ready to play,” Gates said.

Gates himself has dealt with holding out, and was suspended one game for doing so by then-GM A.J. Smith, so he knows what it is like to go through this process.

It sounds like the veteran Tight End is blaming the impasse on Bosa’s representatives, and he is urging the player to take control of the situation to get into Chargers Training Camp.



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