AJ Smith weighs in on the Joey Bosa situation

by Marty Caswell

Former Chargers general manager AJ Smith likes to pick and choose his words very carefully.

This usually made for very entertaining fodder when he was engaging with agents over a contract dispute,  something Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Shawne Merriman and now Joey Bosa are all too familiar with.

The Chargers haven’t had any communication with Bosa’s CAA agents since they received and rejected a counter proposal on July 28th, and the number three overall pick has now missed 11 training camp practices and is a lock to miss at least the first two pre-season games.

Joey Bosa by Marty Caswell
Joey Bosa by Marty Caswell

AJ Smith says the team needs to play hardball with Bosa and CAA.

“My deadline would be this Monday.  Bosa will have missed one preseason game, and of course it is really two. He would not be ready to play in second one. This is how you GET MOVEMENT. Only one way to deal with agents that take this kind of position. TEAM always FIRST. CAA always thinks they are first, teams second. And with all the WEAK ones they are.”

AJ, Marty and Darren by Marty Caswell
AJ, Marty and Darren by Marty Caswell

Should the deadline pass, Smith brought up the same tactics he used with Rivers agent, Jimmy Sexton, when they were at an impasse in 2004.

(Remembering Philip Rivers/Chargers impasse) Read it HERE

“Money goes in Reverse on Monday… Send letter to CAA and spell it out week by week reduction. Also I would meet with press and say same thing. Then NEVER talk about it again until he comes in OR goes back in the draft. THE END!”

The Rivers story had a happy ending for Chargers fans, although it likely cost him the opportunity to start for two years until 2006. It remains to be seen what will happen with Bosa.

It is what it is.

Video: LaDainian Tomlinson on Joey Bosa’s contract dispute and what advice he would give him.



15 thoughts on “AJ Smith weighs in on the Joey Bosa situation

  1. Joe Perry

    Absolutely, send Bozo and his representatives a letter with week by week contract and bonus reduction schedule and hard deadline specifying communication/relationship termination date.

    The agent will have to deliver this ultimatum to his client. After this, there will be no unknown scenario, there will be nothing for Bosa to speculate about with his agent. There will be no drum beating, no “we’ll get them” speeches, nothing….

    Just a cold hard reality.

  2. Joe Perry

    Bosa’s holdout amounts to…

    A) “I don’t want to have to wait for my money, I’m demanding it all, now.

    The amount is guaranteed, does it really matter when? Half now, half next year. What, are gonna spend it all at once or something??


    B) I want to be paid in full for my fourth year, even if I underachieve so badly the team cuts me, and I want to be able to receive full compensation from whatever team signs me thereafter…. The Chargers shall not receive an offset.


    Good luck with those demands. I would never agree to those terms as a business owner, and I don’t blame the Charger organization for not agreeing to them either.

  3. Joe Perry

    Man, I miss AJ. As a personnel evaluator I didn’t care for some of his decisions, most notably his neglect of the offensive line. But, as a contract negotiator….

    This man knew what he was doing.

    I’ll never forget that look on Eli’s face on draft day when the Chargers announced the pick.


    I was with AJ all the way on that decision. No little punk and his dad are gonna tell us what to do.

  4. BigGreenPundit

    How can money go in “reverse”? Bosa’s contract money is set per the league’s agreement with the NFLPA. That’s the dumbest think I’ve heard said about the Bosa negotiations.

  5. Joe Perry

    It’s called “pro rata”

    More specifically, pro rata means:

    In proportionality to some factor that can be exactly calculated.[2][3]
    To count based on amount of time that has passed out of the total time.
    Proportional Ratio[4]
    Pro rata has a Latin etymology, from pro, according to, for, or by, and rata, feminine ablative of calculated (rate or change).[5]

  6. Joe Perry

    You see, it’s simple.

    The contract is for the year.

    Failing to report and perform for the “year” results in a pro rata adjustment.

    The “year” can be broken up into segments.

    This would be the “schedule”.

    For example, Phil Rivers decides not to report to camp on time, as a consequence there is an adjustment to his guaranteed salary….

    The signing bonus can likewise be attached, for time considerations.

    Bosa has “failed to report”.

    There will be penalties for failing to report and participate

  7. Joe Perry

    Something that should be understood. Guaranteed contracts are not absolute, there are going to be conditions attached.

    Dates, for example.

    Like the day training camp starts.


    You think you can just come in and practice when you feel like it???



    That contract is going to be full of stipulations.

    Sorry kid, we don’t throw our money out there willy nilly….

    There are conditions and expectations.

    One of them is going to be financial relief for us, from you, should you not work out and get cut from the team….

  8. Joe Perry

    Mike’s idea of low risk return on investment short term equalling 10% is patently absurd.

    Low risk return on that, in that time frame, is somewhere around 150k.

    Now, let’s start calculating what that holdout is costing the kid….


  9. Joe Perry

    On a personal note they should have given in on one of the demands because the chargers are setting up a situation where an employee will care more about his contract

    Oh? It seems pretty clear to me that either,

    A) this kid has cared more about his contract than anything else, from the very beginning


    B) he has really poor representation, an agency that is more concerned about appearing relevant and still necessary in the current CBA era, instead of advising their client what’s in the client’s fiscal best interest…

    Why don’t you calculate what the holdout is costing?

  10. Joe Perry

    Open letter to Mrs Bosa, hon, you and your family can still pull “an Eli”….

    Granted, you can’t announce it just prior to the draft, but Joey can refuse to sign with the Chargers.

    Let me know how that works out for you….

  11. Alex Aguilar

    I miss this side of AJ, Chargers are fair. They reward players and have made some players some of the highest paid at their position. The Chargers always spend money! Can’t say the same about the other team in this town. Maybe the wrong team got the new stadium. Bad timing for the Bolts.

  12. mike

    150k return is the lowest potential return, basically inflation. Well managed portfolios return 7-10 % annually if you’re playing in that money bracket and have better investments opportunities with much better connections. In aggressive portfolios for a 21 yr old, you can risk more.

  13. Joe Perry

    lol… An “aggressive” portfolio can very likely lose money during those few months we’re talking about this kid waiting.

    Those “aggressive” portfolios are looooooong term strategies

    Again, how much is the holdout costing the kid??

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