Chargers pull final contract offer for Joey Bosa

The San Diego Chargers, earlier today, released a statement saying that they had sent their final offer to 1st Round draft pick Joey Bosa and that it had been declined. They have since pulled that offer and are preparing to move on without the #3 overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Chargers made their case publicly, explaining in the press release exactly why they think that the offer made to Bosa is fair, in how it compares to other players on the team’s roster and other draft picks that the team has selected since the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement was signed by the NFL owners and the NFL Players Association.

Chief among their reasoning is that the team offered Bosa the largest payment and highest percentage of signing bonus received in the first calendar year of any Chargers’ 1st Round selections, and more upfront money than what was paid out to every player in the 2016 NFL Draft not named Carson Wentz.

Knowing these key facts, do you side with the Chargers or Joey Bosa in this contract standoff? Let us know in the comments below!



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