MLB suspends Padres GM A.J. Preller 30 days without pay

Earlier today, we found out that the San Diego Padres were the subject of a intensive investigation by Major League Baseball and were found to have been hiding internal medical information from teams that they were making trades with…

Darren Smith had Buster Olney from ESPN, who first reported MLB’s findings, on to talk more about it today. He did not dismiss the possibility of punishments for Padres GM A.J. Preller or CEO Mike Dee.

Now, Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Major League Baseball has suspended Preller 30 days as a result of the trade that sent Drew Pomeranz to the Boston Red Sox.

This is not the only recent trade that involves the Padres and is being investigated by MLB. Most notably, the Padres traded back for Colin Rea when he injured himself in his first start with the Miami Marlins. We’ve yet to see if there is going to be any punishment for that initial trade, for the GM, CEO or the franchise.



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