Chargers CB Verrett has partially torn ACL, will miss the rest of the season

The report earlier today was that Jason Verrett had been dealing with knee soreness over the last two weeks and came to the team with the issue, concerned that he might have a torn ligament in his knee.

As it turns out, he was right.

A partial tear means the recovery time for Verrett’s injury will be shorter than if it were fully torn. A fully-torn ACL has a recovery time of about 9 months. Even if the recovery of Verrett’s knee injury is 3 months, he would be lost for this season.

The injury appears to have occurred in the loss to the Indianapolis Colts, a game in which Verrett stepped in and played a bit on the Special Teams unit.

Verrett himself has said he will miss the remainder of the season:

To potentially fill the spot on the roster, the Chargers went ahead and signed CB Steve Williams, a former 2013 draft pick of the Chargers that has been on the roster for the last two seasons before being cut at the end of the preseason this year.



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