DAILY LINKS: Chargers to announce move to L.A. today

Sources: Chargers plan to announce move from San Diego to Los Angeles – ESPN
Almost one year to the day since the Rams moved to Los Angeles, the Chargers now likely intend to do the same.

The Chargers plan to announce as early as Thursday that they are moving to Los Angeles for the 2017 season, league sources said, ending a 55-year stint in San Diego and returning to their birthplace. The franchise played its inaugural season in Los Angeles in 1960 before moving to San Diego in 1961.

The Chargers have notified NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and other league owners of their plan, sources said.

Chargers set to bolt to L.A. – San Diego Union-Tribune
Chargers Chairman Dean Spanos has called an 8 a.m. staff meeting for Thursday, at which time he is expected to inform his employees that the franchise is moving from San Diego, its home of 56 years, to Los Angeles.

AUDIO: Dan Sileo And His Initial Thoughts On Chargers Breaking News
Our own Dan Sileo calls into Kevin Acee’s show to share his initial thoughts on the news that the San Diego Chargers plan to announce their relocation to Los Angeles.

AUDIO: Darren Smith And His Initial Reaction To Chargers Breaking News
Darren Smith calls into Kevin Acee’s show to give his initial thoughts as we continue to sort through tonight’s breaking news that the San Diego Chargers plan to announce their relocation to Los Angeles.

AUDIO: Scott Kaplan Initial Thoughts On Chargers Relocation News
Scott Kaplan calls into Trending Now on the night that news breaks that the San Diego Chargers will officially announce their relocation to Los Angeles.

Chargers plan to play at StubHub Center in 2017-18 – ProFootballTalk
The Chargers will indeed return to the city in which they were founded, 57 years ago. And they’ll be spending two years in a 30,000-seat stadium, playing at the StubHub Center until the stadium they’ll share with the Rams opens in 2019.

Chargers shouldn’t look for a welcome wagon in L.A. – Los Angeles Times
Wow, just what we need, the return of a professional sports team with no buzz, no tradition, few local fans north of south Orange County, limited success, and an owner who just stole them away from a place where they were loved unconditionally for 56 years.

What was the NFL thinking? What are the Chargers thinking? I know what Spanos is thinking, that he is leaving behind those unwashed heathens who didn’t want their tax dollars to pay for a football stadium and sliding into Stan Kroenke’s Inglewood palace to ride piggyback on the Rams.

What a guy. What a joke.

L.A. or not, Spanos botched this one – San Diego Union-Tribune
There’s a decent way to do this, Dean, if indeed you’ve made the so-called decision; and that is, you make sure that you, Dean, not Adam Schefter and his whisperers, are the first to let San Diego know something of this magnitude.

Shouldn’t have done San Diego like that, Dean. And, to be clear, I’m not talking of the business decision itself, which, as a separate matter may be subject to change, insofar as the announced L.A. intent was expected due to it being, at the least, the hardest yank yet on the San Diego money tree.

The Chargers’ Decision to Move to L.A. Is a Monument to Cynicism – The Ringer
Will the Chargers play somewhere newer and nicer a couple years from now? Sure. But don’t mistake that eventuality for being anything but what it is: greed.

VIDEO: Watch an Angry San Diego Chargers Fan Egg Team Offices After They Announce Move to LA
Chargers supporter Dan Wellington went to the Chargers current headquarters and threw eggs at the front doors.

“As a lifelong Chargers fan, it’s like a total kick in the stomach,” Wellington told NBC.

Wellington recorded a video of himself launching the eggs, which he posted to Periscope. Fox affiliate KSWB reports that police were dispatched to the scene.

Chargers players react to ESPN report on L.A. move with emojis, apologies, a ‘sorry’ and a ‘dang’ – San Diego Union-Tribune
report from ESPN Wednesday night that the San Diego Chargers could announce a move to Los Angeles as early as Thursday made San Diegans instantly emotional, and that included some players.

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