Sources: Padres close to signing Wil Myers to six-year contract

After a great season in which he played in 157 games and hit 28 HRs with 94 RBIs with an OPS of .797, the San Diego Padres are prepared to reward Wil Myers and lock him up as the centerpiece to build around for the future.

Myers turned 26 years old on December 10, 2016, making him 31 years old the next time he would be eligible for free agency, if this is in fact the final deal that the team signs him to.

An $80 million deal over six years would pay Myers an average of $13.3M per year. Comparable All-Star first basemen make closer to $17-20 million per year, on average, making this deal a potential steal for the Padres if Wil Myers is able to stay healthy and build upon his strong 2016 campaign.

The Padres have admitted that their rebuilding plan will likely keep them out of contention for at least another two seasons, but this contract would ensure that they have a veteran superstar to build around as their young players make it through the minors and to the major-league team.



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