REPORT: NFL executives, owners hoping Chargers return to San Diego

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, some of the NFL’s top executives and team owners are upset about Dean Spanos moving the San Diego Chargers to Los Angeles:

As much as the Chargers’ move to Los Angeles angered San Diego, it angered NFL executives and owners just as much, if not more.

Since the move was announced, the NFL has been “besides itself,” in the words of one league source. “There are a ton of owners very upset that [the Chargers] moved,” one source said. The source added that the NFL wants the Chargers to move back, though nobody believes that possibility is realistic.

But some NFL owners and some league officials are still hoping that, now that the move has been made official, Chargers chairman Dean Spanos will wake up one morning soon, recognize this situation has been “bungled so bad” and take his team back to San Diego, where it spent the past 56 years. Again, the chances are at best remote that this happens.

But there are owners and league officials still praying that the longest of long shots comes in and the Chargers bolt back to San Diego.

Source: ESPN

Can increased pressure from the other NFL executives and team owners eventually lead to a new conversation between Dean Spanos and the San Diego city leaders? Only time will tell…




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