Los Angeles Chargers players attack San Diego fans on Twitter

This story starts about a year ago, when the San Diego Chargers and Eric Weddle waged an ugly war in the press as the Pro Bowl Safety headed for free agency and, eventually, the Baltimore Ravens.

Yesterday, after signing Russell Okung to be the new starting Left Tackle of the Los Angeles Chargers, long-time Chargers Left Tackle King Dunlap was released by the team. Eric Weddle had an opinion on the matter:

This came just two days after Weddle helped recruit former Chargers Running Back Danny Woodhead to join him with the Baltimore Ravens…

But Weddle wasn’t done, as he’s now recruiting former San Diego Chargers fans to become cross-country fans of the Ravens instead of following the Chargers to Los Angeles…

This is all seemingly well and good, but apparently two of Weddle’s former teammates have taken offense to the number of Chargers fans that are following Weddle and Woodhead to Baltimore.

The irony of Addae’s tweet is, of course, that the Chargers are the one that ran away from their fans in San Diego, and not the other way around.



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