MOOOOn Demand: Darren Smith

Ricky Williams

October 31, 2014

Ricky Williams on “A Football Life”, perception, relationship with coaches, if he has any regrets about his path before & after the NFL & where he’s at now.

Rich Ohrnberger

Chargers center Rich Orhnberger on always being prepared and important AFC game versus the Miami Dolphins

Jeff Darlington

NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington on expectations of Ryan Tannehill and the inconsistent Dolphins versus the Chargers.


October 30, 2014

10/30/2014: The BEST 60 minutes from the Darren Smith Show!

Darren Smith Show – 2pm

10/30/2014: Bruce Bochy joins the show after winning the World Series

Darren Smith Show – 1pm

10/30/2014: Antonio Gates joins the show LIVE from Chargers Park

Darren Smith Show – 12pm

10/30/2014: Daniel Jeremiah joins the show for a scout’s perspective on the NFL and College Football

Bruce Bochy

Giants skipper Bruce Bochy on how this group won their 3rd World Series & the historic performance of Madison Bumgarner

Charles Davis

Fox CFB analyst Charles Davis on why Stanford is in Oregon’s head & if the Ducks are a championship caliber team.

Antonio Gates

Chargers TE Antonio Gates on preparing for the Dolphins, reflecting on the journey & how he’s able to maintain a high level of play at age 34.