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October 22, 2014

10/22/2014: The BEST 60 minutes from the Darren Smith Show

Darren Smith Show – 2pm

10/22/2014: Jason LaCanfora joins the show before the Chargers and Broncos Thursday Night game

Darren Smith Show – 1pm

10/22/2014: The voice of the Broncos, Dave Logan, joins the show PLUS Dan Shulman before he broadcasts Game 2 of the World Series

Darren Smith Show – 12pm

10/22/2014: Kevin O’Connell joins the Darren Smith Show LIVE from Buffalo Wild Wings

Jason LaCanfora

NFL Insider Jason LaCanfora on Jamal Charles, NFL to LA study and the Chargers chances in Denver.

Dan Shulman

ESPN MLB PBP man Dan Shulman on a pivotal game 2 for the Royals, what the Giants want from Jake Peavy, Hunter Pence & how the bullpens compare.

Dave Logan

Broncos PBP man Dave Logan previewed Broncos/Charger and Peyton Manning’s prolific TD record.

Tim Flannery

October 21, 2014

SF Giants 3B coach Tim Flannery on the eve of the World Series, how they match up vs the KC Chiefs, Ishikawa’s walk-off & the leadership impact of Bruce Bochy.

Dwight Freeney

Charger LB Dwight Freeney on preparing for the Denver Broncos and familiar opponent Peyton Manning.

Herm Edwards

NFL analyst Herm Edwards on Chargers/Broncos, the terrible NFC South & Peyton Manning’s touchdown record.