This is pretty cool- photos from pre Comic-Con madness Downtown! Click here!

The three most important things to remember during the Con. Tips From Con Veteran, David Freireich

1) Be patient—there are a lot of people at Con, and there can be long lines for some things. Be patient and have a good time in line. One of the great things about Con is that it is full of truly nice and incredibly intelligent people. Every year, people make friends for life in Comic-Con lines.

2) Remember you’re at Con to have fun—it can be surprisingly easy to forget this while you’re trying to hurry through some shopping or while you’re running to your next event. If you realize that you haven’t been smiling for a while, take a breath and look around you. Con is packed with some of the coolest things you will ever see. Take the time to enjoy it.

3) Take breaks—this is essential to help with numbers 1 and 2 above. Take a break. Go outside. Go get something to eat in the Gaslamp district. Take a load off. Relax. It’s very tempting to be constantly on the move at Con, but taking a few breaks every day. You’ll be glad you did. Besides, what’s better than getting a drink in the Gaslamp with a bunch of Stormtroopers?

You can already feel the energy building in Downtown San Diego.

If you don’t have a pass, you can still come and experience the off-site events. There are a bunch that don’t require a badge and some are even free! CLICK HERE FOR MAP.

REMEMBER to check back during Comic-Con for videos and photos! We’ll be updating the galleries every night!