Dan Sileo Pet Connection

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    Meet Gina, Sheela and Panzer!

    These guys are “REPRESENTIN’” for all the 140 BIG DOGS who will be at the BIG DOGS ROCK Adoption Event this Saturday on Fiesta Island!

  • gh

    Meet Sheldon!

    SHELDON, 2 1/2 years old, is an ex-racing greyhound residing at the Greyhound Adoption Center. He arrived with a fractured rear leg on January 14. Fortunately for Sheldon, his injury did not require surgical intervention and his break healed with the use of splints and many weeks of bed rest; however, even without surgery, his recovery was lengthy, tedious, and painful, requiring numerous trips to the veterinarian for splint changes and check-ups. Sheldon was an excellent patient during his rehabilitation process and has since been medically released for adoption.

  • rizzo

    Meet RIZZO!

    Rizzo is a full-grown Poodle/Schnauzer mix weighing in at 17-pounds, and if you can imagine, he was rescued off the streets weighing just 10-pounds. He’s been fattened up in a loving foster home since February, which emphasizes the importance of foster families to the rescue community. Rizzo is good with cats, dogs, and all people, including children.

  • Debo_Face_5_24_14

    Meet DEVO!

    Devo is a charming, playful guy, ready for any adventure. Small for a Great Pyrenees at just 95-pounds and 2 years of age….normally males are at least 100-pounds. He’s had two owners, first, a young girl who socialized him and took him everywhere, hence his love of car rides.

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    Meet (darling) DARLA!

    Darla was likely a huge money maker by being breed too often by her original owner who then gave her away.  Her new family would drop her off at Doggy Day care because she suffers from separation anxiety, for which she takes Puppy Prozac.

  • gracie

    Meet Gracie!

    Gracie is a 2 year old, spayed female Boxer/Pittie mix for adoption. She was very much loved by her previous family, but their older dog just never accepted Gracie into the home, and after trying many different ways to make it work, Gracie was put up for adoption. Her foster family says she is completely housebroken and a sweet, happy bundle of love!

  • Fluff

    Meet FLUFF!

    FLUFF, nearing four years old, is an ex-racing greyhound currently residing at the Greyhound Adoption Center.  She arrived from the Caliente racetrack in Mexico on July 5 with several other greyhounds.  Fluff is an affectionate, playful greyhound; she is both cat and small dog friendly,  and would make a wonderful companion for a an active family with children.   

  • 2kittens

    Meet Gwendolyn and Gwyneth!

    Gwendolyn and Gwyneth and a third kitten were found in a drainage ditch by a crowd of people.  Before anyone could protect them, a man swooped in and grabbed one of the kittens and ran away.  We’ll never know what happened to that poor little kitten.  Luckily, a good Samaritan grabbed these two remaining kittens and took them to a veterinarian that works with The Rescue House. 

  • mv

    Meet MARVIN!

    Once he knows you, Marvin becomes a very friendly, playful, loyal dog. He’ll follow people around and loves attention, but can be mouthy. Marvin gets along very well with other animals. He currently lives with four other pit bulls, a cat, and a turtle. He plays hard with other dogs and is very active at home. He’s also good with children.

  • CooperDog2

    Meet Cooper!

    Cooper, a 5 month old puppy came in with a broken leg, surgery done, he is full of energy and can run with the best of them!