Andrew Brandt: “The player is gonna run out of any options”

From ESPN and The MMQB, Andrew Brandt discusses the canceled Hall of Fame Game plus Joey Bosa’s holdout.



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2 thoughts on “Andrew Brandt: “The player is gonna run out of any options”

  1. don quixote

    Bosa’s option is to re-enter next year’s draft. At this point, I think Bosa and his agent are seriously considering that option given how sorry the Chargers are off and on the field.

  2. Chris Bucher

    Yeah go through the draft and get pick up in the second or third round and make 2 million total over three years. Sounds like a great option. He has nothing other than money to lose here. If 27 million guaranteed is not enough then he should go back and get his degree and make 80k a year.

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