Andrew Brandt: “These city presentations are not meeting the needs of ownership right now”

From the MMQB and ESPN, Andrew Brandt tells us what the NFL owners meetings will be like this week and how the owners look at the situation.



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One thought on “Andrew Brandt: “These city presentations are not meeting the needs of ownership right now”

  1. Michael

    The NFL owners are about the NFL owners. They don’t care about the players or the fans except for how they can help their cause. There are a few exceptions, of course, but these teams wouldn’t be considering moving if they cared about the fans. Especially Spanos. He’s mismanaged the organization for years, providing mediocre results while the Pat Bowlens and Bob Krafts have been building dynasties and embracing their fan base and the communities they represent. Fabiani is quick to say that SD has failed for 14 years to build a stadium. Well, the Spanos family has failed to win a championship for more than 30 years. In fact, they have a losing record over the Spanos era! Now THAT is failing to do your job! This will be the 50th Super Bowl. The Chargers have participated exactly one time (2%). They have won exactly zero times (0%). Now tell us again how we as a fan base and a community have somehow failed you, Mr. Spanos? You have failed to provide a competitive product and have failed in embracing the community who has supported this franchise through more thin than thick. Where is your integrity, sir?