Cory Briggs: “Mayor’s convention center proposal is the city handing Chargers their eviction papers”

Local environmental lawyer Cory Briggs called in to discuss the new proposal for an expanded convention center backed by Mayor Faulconer, he tells Scott and BR about all of the reports shortcomings including the actual price of what it would cost and what this all means for a new stadium.



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One thought on “Cory Briggs: “Mayor’s convention center proposal is the city handing Chargers their eviction papers”

  1. KevinKNSD

    De-coupling CC expansion and TOT increase from the stadium project actually makes it EASIER to build downtown stadium.

    1) Reduced footprint means MTS station removed from equation (stadium can be moved West).
    o Reduced Cost (do not have to move MTS station)
    o Reduces time, effort to get stadium built (no need to include MTS move in planning).

    2) Removing TOT from the table increases funding certainty, Selling land at MV site could also decrease amount used from General Funds which increases the chances of a stadium being built.

    You really have to ask yourself why JMI didn’t propose using the triangular parking section next to Petco instead of the MTS station and the reason is that they wanted to do a “land grab” and make extra money. Not a bad idea for them. Not a good idea for the city.

    In light of CCDC funds being pulled from Petco and TOT tax being overturned in Arizona, you have to question wisdom of using using TOT in SD to pay for stadium. WHEN Briggs’ initiative scheme is overturned the city would be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for it.

    The LEAST certain funding source is a TOT increase. The Chargers claim “funding certainty” is their most important goal. You have to ask yourselves whether or not they are lying yet again.

    Why coupling DT/Convention Center Expansion is a BAD IDEA

    Why de-coupling DT/Convention Center Expansion is a Better Alternative.…891#post167891