Eric Wynalda on USA/Germany & if a reduced role for Wambach makes sense

Fox soccer analyst Eric Wynalda previewed USA/Germany and if a reduced role for Abby Wambach is a good thing.



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One thought on “Eric Wynalda on USA/Germany & if a reduced role for Wambach makes sense

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    Vancouver is a magnificent city, BUT San Diego has year-round soccer weather.
    No comparison.
    Women’s soccer is several notches higher than it was just four years ago and it already was at a high level.
    Watch out for those African girls once they get more quality coaching and quality venues to play at throughout Africa.
    The United States needs to build more quality infrastructure for SOCCER and for WOMEN’S SOCCER in particular.
    San Diego represents the perfect market and climate for the sport of SOCCER.
    Bring some of those African girls here to play on a professional team in San Diego and let them play on their national team in the Olympics and in the World Cup.
    But in the meantime, let them fill a stadium here during countless matches where they can dazzle us with their soccer skills and generate healthy revenue for the City of San Diego.
    The 166-acre site Qualcomm Stadium now occupies must be developed to optimize opportunities for women’s sports in soccer and other sports.
    SOCCER is here to stay and is now poised to EXPLODE in popularity throughout North America.
    Women’s soccer will be covering more ground in the process of catching up to men’s soccer.
    San Diego needs to understand this impending explosion and plan accordingly in order to optimize the MEGA REVENUES the sport of SOCCER will generate for the cities that have built the appropriate sports infrastructure for it to be performed in.
    I’ve been watching the World Cup and the French team was the best team to watch in the tournament.
    All due credit to the Columbian team for having upset them.
    The U.S. team were lucky they didn’t have to play the French team.