Grantland’s Rany Jazayerli on the Padres’ front office


The author of ‘Teardown Artist’, an article on Grantland that criticized the moves that A.J. Preller made this past offseason, Rany Jazayerli joined Craig Elsten to talk about the team’s inaction at the trading deadline and what awaits the front office in the upcoming offseason.



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4 thoughts on “Grantland’s Rany Jazayerli on the Padres’ front office

  1. mikecc

    Craig, why didn’t you voice your opposition to trading away Turner when it happened? Your opinion in hindsight is not important and not radio worthy. Randy sounds (misspells his own name as Rany) like a real know it all. He is not. He said “The Padres ALWAYS bring up no name relieves from their farm system who turn out to be incredible…” Look at our years of relief staff. It rarely happens that we find farm guys that are great relievers. Definitely not ALWAYS.

    The way I look at it, small market teams have to gamble. We gambled, we lost. Every team but one will lose it all this year. At least we had a credible interesting hand to start the season.

  2. Craig Elsten

    Recapping: your opinion is unimportant, I don’t like your guest’s name so I’ll name him myself in a way I prefer, and now here’s MY opinion.

  3. mikecc

    If you would have voiced these concerns on air 6 months ago maybe you would be the know it all you present yourself here. Randy is probably right once in a while. Since he is probably almost always negative about the Padres, then he may actually be right quite often.

  4. dimcfan

    I listened to the podcast yesterday and found the analysis fascinating and depressing. I bought into the prevailing wisdom that the Padres made good decisions leading up to the season…until I read the Grantland piece. Unfortunately it makes way too much sense. I really appreciate the time and effort and knowledge that goes into your coverage of the Padres. So much of the coverage is superficial. Thanks.