Jason Cole: “Kroenke’s not going to build it unless he gets approval”

From Bleacher Report, Jason Cole discusses the Chargers retaining Mike McCoy, the motives of Stan Kroenke and what to expect from the NFL meetings.



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2 thoughts on “Jason Cole: “Kroenke’s not going to build it unless he gets approval”

  1. Mark Viguri

    Inglewood is already under construction. Kroenke is going to have the Rams, Raiders, USC and maybe UCLA in his new world class stadium. La Times Sam Farmer uncovered Rams application – St. Louis Rams’ relocation bid contends they have the best plan for L.A. and NFL Along with the 70K seating, the building would be able to include an additional 30,000 people in standing-room only capacity for large events (a.k.a. The Super Bowl). Speaking of, the proposal claims that “an Inglewood Super Bowl could generate as much as $50 million more in League revenue than the Carson proposed stadium based on increases in seat capacity, premium seating and total number of suites.”

    Speaking of those suites, there will be 274 of them as well as 16,300 premium
    seats and 12,675 dedicated surface parking spaces. All of those numbers
    are said to exceed what the Carson proposal is offering.

    The Rams envision this stadium becoming the NFL’s West Coast hub of operations
    much like how Cowboys Stadium is the go-to place in middle America. They see the stadium as not only the new home of the scouting combine but also the Pro Bowl.

    The Rams have concluded through polling that they have the strongest homegrown
    fanbase in the region, more so than the other two teams that are actually still in California.

    In case you were wondering if the franchise is keeping the door open for wanting to stay in St. Louis, there’s a section titled “No NFL Club Would Be Interested In The … New St. Louis Stadium.” In it, the franchise argues that the $1.1-billion riverfront stadium deal would increase their current rent by a factor of 20 and would require the league and team to pay $710 million toward the project, something they
    vehemently object to.