Jay Paterno: “Just simply unsubstantiated garbage”

Jay Paterno defends his father against the recent claims being made against him.



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One thought on “Jay Paterno: “Just simply unsubstantiated garbage”

  1. su2lly

    Jay is garbage. The insurance company has victims that will come to court and tell their story, a story that happened back in 1976. Jay and the rest of these sicko’s don’t want this to happen because it will show Joe knew his assistant was a paedophile as far back 76 and maybe even 5 years before that. The emails hang Paterno on the incident(S) 98 and beyond and the insurance company will now hang Paterno with the victims/witnesses well before 1998. The Paterno family needs to take their money and go live in Florida and keep their mouth’s shut because the truth is not going to shine in their Father’s favor.

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