Ladainian Tomlinson: “There is nothing that can be done to keep the Chargers in San Diego”

The great Ladainian Tomlinson joined Scott and BR to talk about the rash of Chargers injuries this season, the resources other teams have that the Chargers don’t and why he thinks it is a forgone conclusion the Chargers are leaving San Diego.



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9 thoughts on “Ladainian Tomlinson: “There is nothing that can be done to keep the Chargers in San Diego”

  1. LAsportsfan

    I doubt that because NFL sources in recent weeks have increasingly indicated there is a growing sentiment (likely among owners) towards Inglewood as the superior site and Spanos options could be limited to only either Inglewood or San Diego.
    There could be still some way to keep the Chargers in San Diego in the event the Rams are the only team moving to Los Angeles and Inglewood happens.
    And I think Inglewood isn’t an option for the Chargers because Dean Spanos isn’t willing to share a stadium with the Rams therefore making San Diego the only option for the team.

  2. Kyle N

    He is being realistic. Something most Chargers fans are not. The team is not negotiating, the two legally prepared issues with the city’s environmental impact study were prepared for a former analyst and a law firm that both have possible ties to the teams owner. And as a former Chargers fan I urge the fans and the city to stop acting like the needy boyfriend begging his girl not to leave him, and throw their stuff on the curb and tell them to get out! The reason LA is such a viable option is because they think fans will follow them to LA and they will inherit all the fans “waiting In the wings” in LA. The City needs to put a reasonable downtown proposal together and say “take it or leave”.

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  4. Dan Jauregui

    Just sue the NFL already under antitrust violations. It is against the law to restrict trade and abuse of monopoly power by way of forming an illegal cartel. This illegal NFL cartel is no different then the cartel selling drugs in Mexico . The only thing different is the NFL is selling entertainment . This will put an immediate stop to all the nonsense. This will give the city leverage and force the NFL to reach out to the city and resume negotiations. The NFL doesn’t want anything to do with a lawsuit like this why you ask…simply it could change the future of how NFL teams relocate. It would cost them millions in lost revenue as it gets tied up in court. Our city attorney Jan Goldsmith needs to consult and advise our city mayor Kevin Falconer to proceed with this ASAP. Not doing this and gambling with the NFL in hopes of getting a deal done would be too risky and not worth the risk. Remember this advise friends… because it will haunt the city of San Diego forever if they don’t make this move today. In the words of Forrest Gump. “That’s all I got to say about that” I’m out!!

  5. TheTruthKills

    At least someone is being honest about it. The Chargers are gone. They’ve been gone ever since they walked away from the table. Why else would they announce their intentions in the middle of the season? Because the NFL has assured Spanos that he’ll be granted LA with the Raiders or the Rams.

  6. Bolt Fan

    It was purely speculative. He has no idea. He just feels pessimistic about the situation. He has no insider knowledge and at the end of the interview agreed that Scott had a valid point about the Charger not moving at all.