Lee Jenkins on growing up a Chargers fan, emotions of team leaving & why they’ll never be embraced in LA

SI’s Lee Jenkins on growing up a Chargers fan, the emotions he has of the team playing their last game in San Diego and why the Chargers will never, ever be embraced in Los Angeles.



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6 thoughts on “Lee Jenkins on growing up a Chargers fan, emotions of team leaving & why they’ll never be embraced in LA

  1. Justin Henretta

    This is a tough one. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 10 years. I grew up in SD but currently reside in Orange County. I hate LA but I sort of feel an obligation to the players to continue to support the team. It isn’t their fault or say in the matter. I know there will be a lot of changes in players/personnel, but the heart of the Chargers will remain in mine. I new stadium excites me but at the end of the day, I still hate LA. Lee is right though.. LA is just as much of a transplant town as SD, if not more. The place will be full of opposing fans – unless they’re winning.
    I currently have 4 seats. I heard the seat license will be 5k each. That would be 20k just for the right to buy tickets… that is insane. I hope they don’t do that to those who have been long term season ticket holders.

  2. Juan A Estreyer

    I will never root for the LA Chargers. Can’t imagine fans feeling like guets in the new stadium just trying to support their lifge long team. I can not bear some idiot from LA telling me that bis his team and not mine, just can’t.

  3. Thomas Marsiglia

    IF the Chargers move to LA, it will be like a new car. They will fill the stadium for a couple of years while fans kick the tires and examine the team. But after the newness wears off, and they realize the owners aren’t going to put a championship team on the field every year or spend any money on quality players, the Chargers will regret the move. This is all about greed and profits. The NFL would be STUPID to jam 2 teams into LA to start. I watched my Rams move to St. Louis, and it looks like i am about to watch my Chargers move to LA. If the Chargers move, I will NEVER be a fan of there’s. The same can be said for LA. They don’t want the chargers but the chargers are forcing themselves on LA. The NFL should be ashamed of themselves for the pain they are putting these 3 city’s through while they figure out a way to line there own pockets.

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  5. Steve Hosfield

    I’ve been a fan of the chargers since the sixties,but when Spanos bought the team and the first thing he did was fire Coryell, the hand writing was on the wall. It’s a bad organization, they have been an embarrassment to our city, more than often. when they did get lucky and hire a good coaches, they were fired. I think LA deserves them , let them go . If they play in Carson,Ca. they will be a dumpy team playing in a dump.