Mark Zeigler on suspicious motives behind NCAA leak on SDSU & impact on recruiting


Dirty tactics? Aztecs beat writer Mark Zeigler on questions surrounding the timing of NCAA leak on SDSU alleged investigation and possible impact on recruiting.



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2 thoughts on “Mark Zeigler on suspicious motives behind NCAA leak on SDSU & impact on recruiting

  1. oh_swick

    6:20ish, a story on SDSU? No. But a story on Fisher connecting to the fab five yes. Especially after the fab five doc coming out and the commercial success of rose and webber as commentators, any connections will get you web hits with not only the people who experienced that period and are forever pro/anti-fisher as a result, but the new generation that has recently established connections to that story. That’s why Parrish as well as every other article that followed included at least one sentence establishing that connection to Fisher’s past. This may be something, it may be nothing. Parrish may have done this solely for hits or maybe his sources gave him this to disrupt recruiting… Who knows? reguardless the story’s impact is at the very least immense in this vital week of recruiting.

  2. Walter Wyrostek

    Please shed more light on Gary Parrish. I have heard him on 1090 interviews and he is always so negative and derisive in his comments about SDSU. Seems he has alternative motives besides just getting hits on his CBS online format. His video comments that accompanied his blog were way out of line and reveals underlying motives. He became more than the messenger by degrading Fisher in regards to what happened at Michigan. The timing of the stories release is extremely suspicious. Couple this with his previous posturing makes me wonder what his true motive is.