Matthew Hall on mayoral candidates stance on Chargers initiative

UT’s Matthew Hall discussed what we know about the mayoral candidates’ stance on a Chargers stadium following their Wednesday debate.



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One thought on “Matthew Hall on mayoral candidates stance on Chargers initiative

  1. Lori Saldaña

    When we only have 3 Mayoral debates, and only 2 in English, talking about a downtown sports complex and TOT increases seems worthy of 1 question. That’s why I asked to change the topic.

    I don’t understand why you think I was “lecturing” when I asked for the moderators to talk about issues that impact our region’s economic situation every day. Maybe you used this term because I’m a college professor. If so, FYI: Some of my students are homeless. I teach at a campus near Midway/Rosecrans and see the impacts of homelessness and the lack of affordable housing on San Diegans lives EVERY DAY.

    So- if, in one hour, we want to talk about several important issues that matter to the majority of San Diegans- we needed to move on. And when I’m out in community meetings, what I hear consistently is: we are concerned about public safety, low salaries, high housing costs and homelessness. Stadiums? Not so much.

    In fact, a lot of people tell me they worry it is a smokescreen, blocking discussion of other things that are more important to them.

    So here’s my suggestion: If you don’t agree those issues merit attention, then please organize and sponsor your own debate. Then feel free to focus on talking about the Chargers and other sports issues. I will happily attend and talk at length about TOT, stadiums, ballparks, ticket guarantees, tax credits vs. subsidies, moving the MTS yard, preserving Mission Valley, avoiding TV blackouts, etc.

    Until then: I will change the topic to those that I hear being discussed with concern by our fellow San Diegans. They deserve some time in the debate also.

    Lori Saldaña

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