Mike Dee: “We’re ahead of schedule”

President and CEO of the Padres, Mike Dee responds to calls for his firing, Peter Seidler’s comments and where the team is heading moving forward.



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One thought on “Mike Dee: “We’re ahead of schedule”

  1. evan littman

    We were a 20 game season ticket holder but these are the reasons we have not and will not renew:

    1. The Pads listed flexibility as a core value for season ticket holders in exchanging tickets. Dee eliminated this core value except for unused ticket nights which are the worst possible game choices.

    2. Pad 20 game plan ticket holders were told the only way to guarantee All Star Game tickets was to upgrade to a 40 game plan. They blamed MLB for this initial stance however the Twins and Reds guaranteed All Star game tickets to their 20 game season ticket holders in stark contrast to the Pads. (Now with season ticket sales down the Pads will guarantee the All Star Game tickets) Seemed like a bad marketing ploy to me.

    3. We used to go to opening day when all season ticket prices were locked in at the same price. In 2015 the price was $125.00 for our family of 5. The Pads increased prices to single or special game pricing and opening day would have cost us over $300.00 in 2016. Bad value.

    4. In 2015, we went to 18 games and the Padres were 5-13 during that span with most games incredibly boring and the Padres playing without any life or energy. We were initially excited about what Proeller did but now the Pads seem to be tanking. It’s pathetic.

    5. Changing radio stations from 1090 to the little heard FM station is absolutely nuts. We will probably won’t be able to hear the Pads on the new station.

    6. Mike Dee has Boston roots and all hires and new deals seem to be related to Boston. The new FM station’s parent company is the Red Sox. New hires have Boston roots. The new radio announcer fired by Boston and hired by the Padres. Enough of following in the Red Sox footsteps. Make your own mark.

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