Philip Rivers on James Jones, Bosa, and motivation

Chargers QB Philip Rivers on James Jones signing, losing Stevie Johnson, what he remembers about his own rookie holdout and his constant motivation in football.



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2 thoughts on “Philip Rivers on James Jones, Bosa, and motivation

  1. don quixote

    the way the chargers are handling the bosa situation, condon and bosa are probably willing to re-enter next years draft. the way he is being treated, i’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to play for them at all costs. it’s a terrible organization all across the board. crappy ownership, facilities, coaches, front office. san diego truly is the worse sports city in the US.

  2. Amir Abdullah

    Can’t agree, from what I read the kid is hung up on being cut and being paid for not playing after being cut (Bosa). First time I’ve seen that issue come up in all the football I’ve seen. It’s odd not to say the least, who as a rookie is worried about being cut and getting paid for it ? As a rookie the last thing your thinking about is being cut, you’re motivated , learning working mad hard. Determined to make the team and contribute to a solid defense. He’s not making a good case for himself at all. But other times I’m in agreement w/ you from the last front office, lots of bad moves.

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