Philip Rivers on monitoring LA, why Raiders to SD is nauseating & Whisenhunt’s return

Philip Rivers on how he’s watching the Los Angeles situation, why the idea of the Raiders moving to San Diego is nauseating and why he’s pumped with Ken Whisenhunt’s return.



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23 thoughts on “Philip Rivers on monitoring LA, why Raiders to SD is nauseating & Whisenhunt’s return

  1. Juan Aguero

    I hate the raiders don’t care what city they go to even my city of San Diego I will still fight with them.

  2. Raider Rick 510

    We hate San Diego, best believe If the Raiders do go there , Raider fans will pillage your crappy city every chance we get , fuck San diego, u sound like a little shmuck

  3. craigbhill

    Darren Smith thinks the Raiders don’t get a crack at LA until calendar year 2017. That’s not how it works. The Chargers have until Jan 15 2017 to decide whether to partner with Stan and then it’s the Raiders’ turn. However, if the Chargers decide on Feb 1 2016 not to take LA, the one-year clock starts that day, not Jan 15 2017, for the Raiders to decide.

    The conversation Darren had with the San Diego business expert also was odd, to say the least. Both said how Spanos had to be very wary of doing business with Stan and Faulconer when it is everyone on the planet who has to count their fingers after shaking hands with Spanos. The fact is no one is going to, nor can they, get away with anything in any deal to go to LA. There won’t be any hidden codicils in fine print to take the Chargers away from poor Dean Spanos. Nor will Dean be able to trick Stan’s lawyers, not that he wouldn’t try.

  4. Iron Maiden

    Wow you have no shame ! All Raider fans are cancer ! Society laughs at you ! You are all ugly people and low income wage earners wearing counterfeit gear !

  5. Iron Maiden

    Typical ignorant uneducated Raider fan answer ! I bet Juan Agueri makes More money than you will ever make ! Insulting people that’s all you Raider fans do ! That’s why You were not welcome to LA the NFL owners are well aware of the low income ghetto fans !

  6. Iron Maiden

    We cannot invite this dangerous gang element to LA. For the safety of our community. Raiders fans bring down property values !
    All Raiders fans are extremely “Proud” of the ghetto thug label! If the NFL allows the Raiders to move to the LA market, the NFL won’t see any profit. 99% of Raider fans do not like to pay for anything . All the Raiders fans will vandalize the new stadium with graffiti and urine ! It’s the truth and It’s the demographic . All other NFL fans that spend thousands of dollars in tickets, merchandise and concessions will not spend a dime on the LA Raiders . Raiders fans will not pay for PSL’s or season seats . These fans want it all for free . Since the new stadium will be sophisticated the fans will not be able to hop the fence like they did at the colosseum or they still do at Dodger games . Hopefully NFL does their proper research , because I can already envision the Raiders in LA and the NFL complaining and asking why are there so many empty seats ? I remember when the Raiders played at the coliseum all the yellow jacket security would allow everyone in to the game for free. That was the only reason the seats would fill up. If the Raiders cannot sell out their own stadium in Oakland , it will be much worse in LA. The majority of Los Angeles fans cheer for other NFL teams and will not convert to the Raider fan base just because there here in LA
    I do not conduct any business with Raiders fans , they free load and end up owing you money ! Rams make perfect sense for LA
    I live in Los Angeles and these are Facts
    All Raiders fans reak alcohol on their clothes and breath , it’s so annoying . Also at the mall or market they won’t move an inch to the side so you can pass by , I always move and they have their fat stomachs in the way. Spit a big wad of mucus on the clean floors and walls . I experience this everyday with all Raider fans
    Additional facts
    1-Raiders fans drive a beat up old car like 20 years old
    2- wait for the bus and graffiti the bench
    3- wear cheap counterfeit old jerseys like Jamarcus Russell or Javon Walker made from “Starter” not Nike or Reebok
    4- always celebrate like they won the Super Bowl when they win a meaningless pre season game
    5- all Los Angeles fans think everyone loves their Raiders when in reality we laugh at them and cannot stand the low life ghetto fans
    6- shave their heads , wear baggy ass pants and think they look So cool
    7- all prison inmates get a Raiders tattoo
    8-all Raiders fans are fat Chulos and Chulas
    9-walk around with an ugly bull dog and they act like their tough
    10-in all low income housing there are Raider flags everywhere . Representing the losers
    11- all border brothers that don’t speak English wear a Raider tshirt
    12-are always looking to see what they can get for free or even steal
    13- drive recklessly and mad dog you
    14- Raidernation needs to stay in Oakland

  7. LA NFL fan

    I’m not a Charger fan ! I could care less about the Chargers . I live in LA and Patriots are my team ! I love the “Tuck Rule” all of you Raiders fans are trash ! I see it everyday here in LA and that’s why I’m against hebRaiders moving here . Pure trash fans ! All Raider fans are ghetto and have no money! All of you wear counterfeit jerseys , you don’t spend $300 on an authentic jersey like I do ! Or fly out to see your team across the country . I’m ok with the Rams being here but we don’t tuned the Chargers or proven thug Riders . Property values will go down and crime will rise ! Patriots #1 we win a 5th ring at your face and last SB ring in 1983 ! Raiders are a proven joke of the NFL !

  8. James Schroeder

    Lol! You live in LA and call your self a patriots fan. Wow!!! Just when I thought I’ve heard it all. Well…. Bandwagon fan. Now you could be a Rams fan because your city finally has a team for all you to celebrate. Its really sad that confused bandwagon fans like yourself has to jump on board the team who wins the most, even though they play across the country LOL. Your not a real patriot fan. Your just a punk ass, sell out loser bitch who doesn’t know the first thing about committing yourself to a team and living and dying with every season know matter if it’s good or bad. You’re pathetic bandwagon fan. That’s just who are, if ever had doubts now you know.

  9. LA NFL fan

    Raiders are a joke! You must be a gang member and never attended a Raider game and you wear a fake counterfeit jersey . You don’t understand in LA there is a flock of NFL fans “idiot ” we don’t have a team! There’s a lot of raider fans but we laugh at all of them because there so pathetic like you and have no money and drive a old car . I make over a $1million a year I fly all over the country ! Pats Nation #1 and I’m from Boston jack ass! Who is band wagon now? All the Raider fans in LA have no money and want every for free . NFL got it right by not allowing the low life scum team Raider to come to LA . I have even been to your piece of shit stadium “what a joke” Al Davis left LA for that dump! He could have had the entire LA market and I would have respected your ghetto team but he left , now die with your decision and stay in ghetto O Town ! Pats Nation#1 the “Tuck Rule” in your face LOL ! Pats win another ring ! Keep cherishing your old ring from 1983 What a joke ! Your team let go of Jon Gruden now crying ! You let go of Tom Cable and Hue Jackson . Your team shoots itself in the foot all day long ! We laugh ! At my company I don’t employee any Raider fans , there all lazy !

  10. Juan Aguero

    Coming from a sorry ass raider fan not an insult you your team your city LA or Oakland and even the Chargers if they move can go to hell.

  11. Juan Aguero

    I’ve gone to plenty of charger vs raider games all you take back is a bloody nose and busted lip yeah I’m that kind a charger fan.

  12. Raider Rick 510

    Right on….Cant wait to go down there….Ill Match you on the bloody nose and Raise you a broken femur, Im that Raider fan.

  13. Raider Rick 510

    lol Good one, Some of us have jobs And we still have a football team as of today, you guys are gonna be Steeler fans or somethin, go wither away you classless wanna be yuppy

  14. Ray Correa

    Cancer ??? Right , didn’t it just come out that the spy gate was much worse then previously thought ??!! Society laughs at the Raiders !! ? Hmm maybe they are uninformed football fans .. If anything the Raiders have been great for the entire NFL league …. But your a bandwagon moronic uninformed patriot fan , so being the first team to draft a black QB , first to hire a black head coach , first to hire Mexican Americans as a head coach and a QB and winning 2 Super Bowls , wonder why they are not in the hall of fame ???? First to hire a women as a VP , for being such a horrible franchise a lot of players love to go into the hall of fame as Raiders ….. Man I can’t wait for that playoff game where we beat the shit out of those cheats and revive the Raiders winning ways … See even with 12 years of losing the Raiders have only dropped to 6 th all time in winning percentage !!! You a punk ass Boston racist bitch , all you fuckers think your tough … Shut up and get knocked out like the rest of those wanna be tough Irish Bostonians !!!

  15. Iron Maiden

    Ray didn’t your mom educate you ? Maybe you should wash your mouth with soap! Patriots will beat down the low life raiders ! Patriots #1 u Puto! All the raider fans have turned into cowboy fans because your raider franchise is so pathetic! Tuck Rule fag , you still hurt about it ! I love it 4 Superbowls and getting more ! Ray Did you get your raider tattoo in jail? your the loser ! Al Davis was the real idiot . He left LA and now his tough guy franchise is crying to come back to LA . He was no smart business man . He could have had the entire LA market and controlled it . Instead he left LA for that ghetto stadium with a baseball field! Ja Ja Ja the joke is on you homie ! Don’t walk around or let us catch you here , we will jump you and tattoo you with our gang #s . From reading this I see your 13 year old punk ! Who cares about Amy Trusk and first black QB’s ? Nobody ! It’s all about winning and making money moron! Raiders are the 32nd franchise only worth $100 million , Cowboys are at $3 Billion and so are the Patriots who let air out your sorry ass farts from the balls . Hey beaner Ray I’m prejudice and proud ! I don’t want sorry ass cholos and trash around me . And I’m Latino Ja Ja Ja

  16. James Schroeder

    Why did it take you so long to respond Juan? Did you get caught by border patrol or something?