REPORT: $1 billion relocation fee for NFL teams hoping to move to Los Angeles


Scott Kaplan has talked to the people involved in deciding which NFL teams will be allowed to move to Los Angeles, and he is reporting that the relocation fee will be $1 billion per team.

That means that any project involving two teams, including the Carson stadium project, would cost those teams closer to $4 billion total than just the $2 billion to build the stadium. That equals big revenues for the league, and big problems for the cash-strapped Chargers and Raiders.



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62 thoughts on “REPORT: $1 billion relocation fee for NFL teams hoping to move to Los Angeles

  1. blackroseMD1

    If that’s actually the case, I’m betting Kroenke moves the Rams to L.A. and the NFL uses his relocation fee to put towards new stadiums in SD and Oakland.

  2. LAsportsfan

    “That means any project involving two teams, including the Carson stadium project, would cost those teams closer to $4 billion total than just the $2 billion to build the stadium, That equals big revenues for the league, and big problems for the cash-strapped Chargers and Raiders”
    And there’s the problem both the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers cannot afford to pay $1 billion because they are not valuable teams, the Rams can pay a $1 billion relocation fee because their owner (Stan Kroenke) is a billionaire and can pay that price.

  3. LAsportsfan

    Also to note the relocation fee for a team(s) that relocate to Los Angeles at $1 billion is the most expensive relocation fee in NFL history.

  4. LAsportsfan

    Jonathan, the NFL certainly really wants a team(s) in Los Angeles as there are 2 stadium proposals 1 in Inglewood (at the Hollywood Park Racetrack site) and 1 in Carson (at a former toxic landfill) and 3 teams (the Rams, Raiders, and Chargers) looking to relocate there which the league would have to choose.

  5. maineblackbears12

    They actually want two teams but I still go with what most are saying it is going to be done that is a managed outcome done by the owners and Goodell.
    That has 2 playing in Inglewood (Rams and Chargers) with Raiders getting some sort of financial help with their stadium.
    Just no chance on earth The Chargers go back to San Diego too much ill will has been caused by their process of getting a new venue.
    If they don’t end up in Inglewood or if Carson is voted down look for the
    LA Coliseum as I told you the other day to come in because now they want to host a 2nd team long term.

  6. Patricia Welch

    Lollllllllllllllll, I find that funny,!! Now tell me Spanos is gonna come up with that kind of money as tight as he is.. They may, but sure will put a big dent in the old wallet when the fan’s don’t show up!! Now that would be great Karma!!

  7. AdamC61

    The last 3 or 4 relocation fees were $29 million. Kaplan doesn’t have any inside sources he’s just pandering to his audience.

  8. AdamC61

    The owners are the only people “involved in deciding which NFL teams will be allowed to move to Los Angeles” and they aren’t wasting their time telling Scott Kaplan any secrets. Kaplan is just trolling his listeners.

  9. Dave Mathison

    And rightfuly so to the #2 market. And the value of teams is waaaay higher than the last team that moved the 1997 oilers

  10. Dave Mathison

    Would like to see a link that the colliseum wants a team long term and they host 2 teams until a new stadium is built. Chargers are forced to stay here as well as raiders and both will get financial help

  11. Kathleen Van Buren

    Which is why I am skeptical. If Kroenke, for example, pays $1 billion on top of investing $2 billion into the facility, where is his profit? I’ve read that the relocation fee may be paid over time, rather than a lump sum, but I just don’t see how the math works even for Kroenke.

  12. blackroseMD1

    Maybe. Kroenke has deep pockets though. He’s the only one of the three who could afford it, and he really seems like he wants out of St. Louis.

  13. Jared Amason

    He “seems” like he wants out of St. Louis. He could also be using all this to get a new billion dollar stadium in STL. He hasn’t talked publicly about the Rams in 4 years. So… hard to say.

  14. AdamC61

    Kroenke is a cheapskate, ask an Arsenal fan. He isn’t moving the Rams to Inglewood, he got St. Louis and the state of MO to put up over $400 million for a new stadium.

  15. Youngblood

    Only possibly true if they give the Rams exclusive rights to LA and use some of that to build stadiums in SD and Oakland. But I don’t buy it. 500m, maybe.

  16. Snowman1965

    It should be pretty simple. Rams only next year, build Kroenke’s Palace for 2018. That gives San Diego two years to strike a deal with the Chargers, using the 2nd team option in Inglewood as concrete leverage.

  17. Roger Guzman

    It’s a ridiculous figure, hate these idiotic articles- You’re talking about an entire team’s net worth or most of what an owner is worth

  18. maineblackbears12

    The Chargers aren’t gonna agree to anything they will play in Inglewood or a renovated LA Coliseum before they will play in a new SAN DIEGO VENUE.
    That is why they cut ties when trying for a new stadium they are done they will be the 2nd team in LA.
    They will cave in and do what the owners want.
    As for the fee find it hard to believe since everyone from ESPN, NFL NETWORK, PFT , FRED ROGGIN all think the fee is lower most think it will be no higher than $500 million.

  19. maineblackbears12

    They don’t have to take any deal according to Eric Grubman of the NFL as was pointed out in ST.LOUIS.
    They can go elsewhere at anytime.
    If the chargers were going to stay they would the crappy deal the city is offering they don’t want to be in San Diego like Kreonke wants nothing to do with St. Louis.
    The public hearings are a ruse to get folks believe they want to stay when they want out and have for years.
    Remember Farmers Field , INDUSTRY , and other Carson stadium ideas who was behind those ideas doesn’t take a real smart person to figure it out.
    If Spanos and AEG didn’t break off talks at the last second they would be in LA now at FARMERS with one of the other 2 likely tagging along.
    Face the facts they will just take 1 year deals till they get to LA , or look at LONDON, TORONTO/Hamilton, or somewhere else that will make huge money for them.
    San Diego to the NFL is the bottom of the barrel to mst owners they don’t think much of the city , stadium etc.
    Same goes for Oakland , St. Louis the nfl is all about the $$ how are they gonna get to $25million from 10 mill not playing in dumps in small markets.

  20. Rod74

    The Chargers are out of the L.A. plan. 1st: The L.A. fans really don’t want the Chargers. 2nd: The Chargers are not a sock them in the teeth team. They are to soft for the L.A. market. Than to nail the coffin shut, they are losing big time 2 W-6L They were just removed from a MNF game to boot. L.A. will not support a losing team, & the NFL knows this..

  21. Nolaforyoustan

    It is simple. Chargers/Raiders get the stadium they have needed for decades and the Rams get a new stadium in STL. No way the NFL sets a precedent of turning down the public $ that STL is offering.

  22. Nolaforyoustan

    The other owners are not going to let SD and Oakland just have their portion of the relocation fee. No way in hell that happens.

  23. Billy King

    Not moved from a Monday night game, that doesn’t happen. It’s the Sun night game that can be changed.

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  25. Dave Mathison

    It’s called negotiations. The city has stated several times that the framework for MV stadium is a starting point. You’re wrong dude the NFL LOVES San Diego. Loves SD as a SB city. Once all these new stadiums are built they’ll be back to a more rotation as it used to be. It’s the stadium that’s the problem

  26. Robert Fairbanks

    Kroenke will move the Rams and tell the NFL to bugger off just like Al Davis did. Spanos can’t afford the REAL reported $ 250 to $500 million relocation fee, nor pay it if he did have it.

  27. Robert Fairbanks

    Actually the Bolts vs: Chiefs game scheduled for Sunday Night Football (11/22) was flexed to that afternoon.

  28. Joel Montero

    Exactly.. The owners ain’t stupid, they wanna make money, 1B would put a huge dent on any of their wallets, even krankys (Kroenke)

  29. Robert Fairbanks

    Sources say the Coliseum is off limits to the Bolts because it is a Historical Landmark and is controlled by USC. There is talk any team moving to L. A. while waiting for their new stadium to be constructed will play in Dodger Stadium. Who REALLY knows?

  30. Robert Fairbanks

    Please keep one thing in mind, any new stadium in S. D. will bring PSL’s and more costly tickets prices that are already pricing many fans out of the market.

  31. raoul contreras

    What did the NFL charge for a new team in Houston to replace the Oilers? It was high, I understand. The Charge to LA will be high. The best solution is to let the Rams return to LA. Keep San Diego where it is, let the Raiders go to St, Louis or stay in Oakland (though there is no there there) then garnt a new franchise to LA that Angelenos can call their own rather than adopt a transplant. It could play in the new Inglewood stadium for rent and save the money of building a new stadium somewhere. To balance off the new team, forget Toronto, go to Mexico City which has a 110,000 seat stadium, 20 million people int he metro area and TV rights for a country with 120 million people — that equals instant profit and instant sell-outs.

  32. RMBR band

    As I remember, Al Davis sued and won against the NFL to have the right to move anywhere, anytime. The NFL gets a big middle finger on this one. Nice try though.

  33. boeing46

    With all respect to Scott Kaplan whoever that is there is no damn way the league could charge $1 billion for relocation. That’s the entire value of many teams.

  34. blackroseMD1

    We’ll see. New stadiums in SD and Oakland would be good for the NFL, which in turn would end up being good for the other owners.

  35. Patrick KT

    When the dust settles, it’ll likely be just the Rams in LA for the foreseeable future or “indefinitely”. The NFL wants the team with the best position in the market and the Rams with its long legacy and deep pocketed owner is the clear cut. In addition, the Inglewood project is more of what the NFL is looking for as it intends to relocate NFL operations to LA. The Chargers and Raiders will be forced to kick the can down the road in trying to work out a stadium in SD and Oakland with the threat of a potential move to LA (as a second team) or St. Louis proposed new stadium. The Levis stadium is also a wild card option for some teams as it’s intended to accommodate two home teams.

  36. LAsportsfan

    I’m going to remind you maineblackbears12 (which judging from what you say seems as if you want the Rama to come back to Los Angeles) the NFL has already shifted from having 2 teams in Los Angeles to just 1 team in Los Angeles (from Profootballtalk) so it isn’t likely the Rams and Chargers share a stadium in Inglewood (because the Chargers don’t want to) and I think the Rams are going to be the only team in Los Angeles.
    Also it isn’t the Los Angeles Memorial wants to host a 2nd team because in the lease agreement it says 1 team is allowed to play here.
    It will probably be the Rams in Los Angeles, Chargers in San Diego (because they don’t have enough votes to move and their proposal Carson doesn’t have the support), and Raiders in Oakland (because they want to stay and don’t have the support).

  37. LAsportsfan

    Stan is paying $1.86 billion for the stadium and I have to tell you the recent news is bad for St. Louis and Carson.

  38. Woodman

    This is Scott Kaplan putting out more B.S. I heard the league was willing to pitch in to help build the stadiums.