Scott and BR September 4th 3pm Hour

Chargers pre season is finally over, how can the Bolts make the Super Bowl? SDSU vs USD tomorrow night Scott explains why it’s great for both programs and BR tells some old high school football stories playing Odessa Permian.



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Darren Smith Scott BR Crossover

The Crossover October 25th

Darren, Scott and BR talk about Mexico and Cleveland. Download Subscribe(Darren Smith – Full Shows): iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlaySubscribe(Scott and BR – Full Shows): iTunes | Stitcher | Google PlayComments comments


10-24 The Evening Crossover

Kevin Acee joins Scott and BR and the gang have a lot to talk about on this Overreaction Monday a day after the Chargers overtime win vs the Falcons!  Listen here! Download Subscribe(Scott and BR – Full