Scott Kaplan: “John Spanos does not want to move the team to LA”


Scott was working the sidelines for the Chargers Broncos game this weekend and got a chance to speak to John Spanos. He recapped his conversation about the possibility of moving the Chargers to LA.



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7 thoughts on “Scott Kaplan: “John Spanos does not want to move the team to LA”

  1. LAsportsfan

    That’s proof that the Spanos Family except Dean Spanos want to stay in San Diego they don’t want to move to Los Angeles and that has come from people around the family.

  2. Jamie Reno

    i like scott, love the show, but this is laughable. the chargers walked away from the table. period. their fake gucci bags are already packed. at this point, i would not trust any member of the spanos family any further than i could throw him. never liked these owners much, but they have really shown their true colors since the idea of a new stadium in los angeles actually became a reality. for all these years that the chargers say they have tried to get a stadium in san diego, there was no realistic chance of getting a stadium in LA. now there is, and they are gone. if they do not want the team to move to LA, ever action in the last six months says otherwise. it’s total PR and absolute BS.

  3. maineblackbears12

    I don’t believe this at all the entire family has wanted to be in LA for awhile now they have done everything from Farmer’s Field, to trying to buy the land with Kroenke in Inglewood a few years ago.
    When the vote ends they along with likely the Rams will be in LA.
    I just don’t see the owners wanting the Raiders in LA because they are the poorest of the 3 teams and owners.
    The NFL is now being talked about helping the Raiders build the stadium in Oakland near the current facility they want to keep the team there have 2 teams in the bay area.
    I also feel once is all and said and done I think the Chargers will be more successful because the Spanos’ history of having good teams on the field once they get there they will continue that trend in LA.
    Kroenke and his wife the Walmart daughter has shown poor history of running teams in Denver and Soccer team in the London area.
    This is the man who Vince McMahon went on a tirade on a nationally televised WWE event which created a good amount of buzz just about a couple years ago.
    When Kroenke failed to let him know about moving the national televised event ahead of schedule for an NBA playoff game McMahon made Kroenke look foolish and out of touch.

  4. Kirk Gerner

    Good Riddance Chargers!!!!! Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on you way out!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Voice of Reason

    It’s all about INTENT. The Chargers may or may not get permission to leave BUT they have already to shown their intent. You can never take that back Spanos. Now we all know you are a disloyal money hungry pimp.

  6. Voice of Reason

    What was he supposed to say to a reporter, “We definitely want to leave this incompetent city and this shitty stadium as soon as legally possible”? C’mon people, he’s not gonna say anything to make us even more pissed than we are now.