Squadcast: Should the Chargers fire Tom Telesco?

Ben Higgins and John Gennaro are back, the San Diego Chargers are 2-7, and it’s bye week!

So, instead of debating whether or not the Chargers should fire their head coach this week (we’ll do that next week), the guys decided to look over Tom Telesco’s resume and see if he should be on the hot seat as well.

Listen, form your own opinions, and let us know what you think in the comments below!



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3 thoughts on “Squadcast: Should the Chargers fire Tom Telesco?

  1. WadeCollins

    John Gennaro is hard to listen to but actually knows his stuff. Ben Higgins is a slow witted tool typical San Diego market sports announcer without a clue. This moron advises Bolts to keep Telesco for a couple of more years, that alone demonstrates his lack of objectivity (sucks up to Telesco and Spanos family) and savvy as an NFL analyst. This team is in deep trouble, bad drafts-bad free agents, as well as bad coaching.

  2. PakMaN

    I agree with you on JG, however if you’ve watched football long enough you’ll know GM’s normally take about 5 years to prove their worth. Since he’s taken the reigns he’s drafted Keenan Allen, Jason Varrett, DJ Fluker, Jeremiah Attaochu, Denzel Perryman, and Gordon (who I still think can be one of the top backs in the right system). All of these players are quality players, we just need a few more years of building to really set ourselves up for success. Unfortunately, I feel we should get rid of Rivers (as elite as he is) for a bunch of #1s and #2s to speed up the building process.

  3. Mark Mashine

    PakMaN, You were doing so well. Had me nodding my head to every word, like a snake being charmed out of his basket. Such a positive and reassuring post. But then I read trading a once in 20 year QB for a few unproven 1s and 2s, I totally snapped out of my hypnosis. I actually had to re-read all the stuff that made this post so good to verify its validity.