Squadcast: Where is the Chargers’ Pride?


Ben Higgins and John Gennaro try and figure out what is wrong with the 2-5 San Diego Chargers, who is to blame for this mess of a team, and if there is any way to fix it this season (or if there’s any way to fix it before Philip Rivers retires).

Join them as they recap the loss to the Oakland Raiders and preview Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens!



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7 thoughts on “Squadcast: Where is the Chargers’ Pride?

  1. Brennan

    you guys are brutal with some of these guys and I think Weddle is a good safety but this year he has played average and at times below average. i agree that there needs to be a shake up with coaching and TT needs to figure out a different strategy for the draft

  2. Brennan

    If the Chargers wanna win they need a more balanced attack so that means show the run game more then 12 – 18 times

  3. Ryan Thompson

    Raider fan takes over the stadium every year. Even if the percentage is less than Chargers fans, say 60/40, they are louder and more obnoxious than our fans, so it seems like there are more. Losing to them at home hurts.
    Our season ticket holders are selling their seats, there’s no love from the ownership to the city or any signs of a commitment to the real fans.
    Weddle is pissed he hasn’t been extended, and I’m sure that rubs off on the defense and team as a whole as a leader that he usually is.
    Rivers is on fire, but doesn’t have the coaching or perhaps team to help him win. The coach has no balls whatsoever and won’t take any chances. McCoy plays everything safe, but safe isn’t what gets you to the playoffs. 4th and inches when you’re down by 20+, go for it, what do you have to lose!? Quit running Woodhead and Oliver down the middle. Run Melvin Gordon more. The list goes on, but ultimately the ownership sucks.
    Our scoreboard sucks. Our fans don’t know when to be loud or when to be quiet. If you go to Denver, their scoreboard says “Shhhhhh Quiet” while Manning has the ball and “Be Loud” when they’re on defense. Instead you have stupid people with cowbells in Charger gear being loud while Rivers has the ball. Come on!

  4. Frank Converse

    The loss of Wiz ended any progress for the offense. McCoy is not Head Coach material, just another guy who will go back to being a coordinator when he is finally blown out of here. Same for Telesco, Mister one-note Charlie’ with his flawed finesse Colts philosophy. Your homework assignment is to uncover what John boy Spanos does on a daily basis, the thought of his involved in scouting and drafts is frightening. Marty was the last hope this team had, and finally we are seeing the results of the sum total of bad drafts. free agent stiffs, bad coaching and bad GM’s.

  5. otaybob

    Yep a lot of charger fans are STUPID. They cheer and make noise when our team is on offense and are quiet when we are on defense.