Steve Peace: “The Chargers will pay the portion associated with the stadium”

From JMI Steve Peace joined Scott and BR to talk about the Chargers choosing downtown as their preferred site, his thoughts on hoteliers opposing the initiative and he explains how the Chargers will pay for their stadium.



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2 thoughts on “Steve Peace: “The Chargers will pay the portion associated with the stadium”

  1. Dennis Stewart

    Very disappointing listening to Ron Roberts and the statement from the Mayor on Scott and BR this afternoon. They were very excited about getting the dialogue going with the Chargers until the decision is downtown. I have this ugly feeling that the hoteliers are political supporters of the mayor’s future plans for governor of California and he doesn’t want to back anything that will jeopardize their support for his future. How else to explain why having a modest tax increase for hotel rooms, a tax paid largely by visitors, would run into this resistance from City Hall? I personally thought the very first conceptual drawing of the downtown stadium was easily the nicest that I have seen. I also am not sure why a non contiguous convention center is so difficult to buy into. It’s not like we are talking a cross country hike to get to the two facilities. GREAT FRIENDS!

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