Steve Peace: “The real issue is money”

Senior Adviser to John Moores, Steve Peace recounts the experiences of building Petco Park and how it impacts the Chargers and their negotiations.



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2 thoughts on “Steve Peace: “The real issue is money”

  1. Cecil Treadwell

    The Mayor and the City Council are going about this the wrong way.
    The future of sports in San Diego requires them to go about things in an entirely new way.
    The economy and the trend lines require it.
    Funding would be more forthcoming for a modern sports stadium complex if it is designed and allocated in four main ways.
    1) Make it a multi-purpose stadium
    2) Design it around SOCCER primarily and FOOTBALL secondarily
    3) Have at least TWO portable natural turf fields that roll in and out of the stadium.
    4) Give women’s sports EQUAL ACCESS for the field facilities.(this is the allocation feature that would attract certain major funding sources established expressly for promoting opportunities for women athletes)
    The CHARGERS could use the stadium the 10 days out of the year they actually need it. Their practice field already exists outside the current Qualcomm stadium.
    Who could be against a WIN -WIN – WIN solution like this?!

  2. Cecil Treadwell

    The sport of SOCCER will be the MAIN REVENUE-GENERATING DYNAMO in the San Diego sports market.
    A SHARED USE STADIUM primarily used by SOCCER and secondarily by football will generate phenomenal streams of revenue for the City of San Diego.
    The FOX NETWORK will underwrite both sports in San Diego.
    The CHARGERS or other NFL team, a men’s MLS team, and a women’s professional SOCCER team will together generate a most appreciable stream of revenue.
    The most important thing to do is work out a shared use agreement between these THREE main entities AND come up with the most comprehensive and innovative way of funding most or all of the project INCLUDING potential construction cost overruns.