The Chargers have put a lot of pressure on Bosa

John Gennaro talks about the San Diego Padres’ series win over the Los Angeles Dodgers, their national anthem issue, and their upcoming series against the San Francisco Giants before explaining how the San Diego Chargers have put a ton of pressure on 1st Round draft pick Joey Bosa.



6 thoughts on “The Chargers have put a lot of pressure on Bosa

  1. Richard

    Goodness I could never stand Gennaro. Ever. His write-ups on Bolts From the Blue are a joke. The expectations for a 3rd overall pick in any draft in any year is going to be Sky High. To straighten things out for Gennaro, the person that put the most pressure on Joey Bosa is Joey Bosa himself, not the San Diego Chargers. The way he has affected games, the stats he has compiled, the way he bullies and pressures offenses the way he does — these things don’t go unnoticed. There is no way Bosa impacts the game in that fashion with people casually brushing it off as nothing, he was the star of a defense that had talent at all tiers of the Ohio defense. Eyes were locked in on him regardless of who drafted him, so to say that Ricky Henne and the Chargers organization amped up pressure to perform at a high level is ridiculous.
    Do the Chargers have a man-crush on Joey Bosa? Absolutely. Was he the right choice for them? With Jalen Ramsey going down and questionable timelines/concerns for Jaylon Smith and Myles Jack, I like Bosa’s chances of being a DROY candidate. His talent, pedigree, football IQ, leadership, poise, and physical attributes all indicate a teammate who can contribute far beyond an individual stat sheet. San Diego’s defense has been on the uprise, Bosa leads the offseason acquisitions that have a chance to make it special. It’s surprising that Genarro would come of the way he does, maybe he has zero faith in keeping the Chargers in San Diego and not L.A. or L.V. Let’s support the Bolts in keeping them in this great city and give Genarro something else to nag about!

  2. 1rocketcharger

    Bleacher report putting alot of pressure on Bosa ?
    Chargers not ?
    Bleacher Report isnt the final say on everything ?

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