The Padres win with pitching

John Gennaro goes over the San Diego Padres’ impressive victory over the New York Mets last night (and Derek Norris’ big night), Tim Lincecum’s upcoming showcase (and why the Padres will be interested), and the new revelations about Joe Paterno and Penn State (and why it was predictable).



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John Gennaro shares his theory about what’s happening inside the San Diego Padres front office and what the future will look like. Also, why John Pagano deserves credit for making the San Diego Chargers feisty! Download Subscribe:

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Hope for San Diego and the Chargers

John Gennaro explains to you how the 2016 San Diego Chargers could win the AFC West, why the Melvin Gordon trade/pick is still a disaster, and how the Las Vegas Raiders are going to save the City

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