Tim Flannery on his emotional twitter rant & why it wasn’t directed to all Padres fans

Tim Flannery addressed his twitter rant towards the bullies and trolls and why it wasn’t directed at all Padres fans.



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5 thoughts on “Tim Flannery on his emotional twitter rant & why it wasn’t directed to all Padres fans

  1. John

    If that post wasn’t directed at “all” the fans, then his apology during your interview was less than enthusiastic. It sounds to me that he got his feelings hurt and was lashing out at everyone. Hall of Fame players like Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron were able to remain “professional” and heard a lot more and worse comments than “traitor”. Although only a few fans out of thousands made these comments, what does he expect? When any team comes to town, they are the temporary enemy to all those cheering the Padres. When a trade is made even Dogger players who were once booed become new Padre heroes It’s fine you are a Giant for life. Enjoy your rings and stop crying to Padre fans. Write your letter to Padre Management and don’t blame the fans. The fans don’t make draft selections, trade players or let players go. The real fans show up to support their team and enjoy baseball.

  2. InAJwetrust

    John I agree. Trevor was here at the same time as well as being run out of town by the same ownership group. You would never hear that from him and I’m sure similar feelings were there. It was a much different time under the Moorad era and we’re now 2 ownership groups and 2 GMs past it now. Hold a grudge much Flan? If you truly wanted to be left alone; the higher road might have been a better choice. We agree, you are a Giant for life Good ridence

    Go Padres

  3. Gabriel Acevedo

    as I listened to him run his soup coolers, it struck me that he was actually making some kind of “look at what Ive done for you all” plea..and that pissed me off more than this twitter crap. He did the same thing on 1360 yesterday…runnin his mouth about all his accomplishments, since he left here.

    I dont know Tim personally, but I saw him on MLB Network, when he showed up with all 3 rings on his hand, and before that he had the one on, and everytime he spoke about something relative to baseball, he got to waving his hand with the ring on it, back and forth. OK, cool I get..you got your bling, bro. But last I checked, you didnt PLAY for the Giants, you coached. So, lets slow your roll a bit. You aint The Freak or MadBum or Hunter Pence, ok?

    there are several other darts I could throw Flan’s way, but I’l just end with this: There is something else going on in his life, that is making him uncomfortable…and its very apparent to me. Why the Hell else would a man who has done all the things he claims he’s done, and then put a cherry on top of 30 yrs in the game, with 3 rings, give two chicken terds what 10 fans on twitter, think about him and his opinions?…its just too weird to make sense of. If he REALLY does have a life, then he should pre-occupy himself with that, his family and his other endeavors..

    and yet, he’s on twitter, late at night, growling at some “twatters”?..seriously, dude?…like my Grandma always said about weirdos “something in the wash, aint clean”, with Tim Flannery. Sounds like he’s struggling with something that dont have a thing to do with baseball. And I wanna tip my cap to Dee, Preller, Seidler and the old man, for not giving him the time of day, when they were approached by the UT to comment on this whackjob.

    I was a fan way back in the day when Flan first came up, and I admired his heart and soul, cuz Lord knows thats all he had to work with…but Im not a fan anymore. I dont appreciate the tackiness of his judgement. He wasnt drunk, so he should have been classier about it all. And someone needs to tell him, Dusty Baker got shot down TWICE by the Padres, and yet he didnt say one bad thing about this FO to anyone that mattered..didnt cry about it..didnt pull a race card…and he went on and did his thing elsewhere. Thats class….thats real dignity…thats what a real man does. Tim Flannery is not a class act, he’s a class clown.

  4. Gabriel Acevedo

    and Tony Gwynn certainly had his issues with this franchise, and he was never a whiner, either. God, I can remember when Moores tried to low ball him, towards the end of his career. It was a pretty tacky way to treat the guy…but Gwynn was all class about it, and we never heard a peep out of him. And when he retired, he never said a peep about it all…

  5. dimcfan

    Flannery really has gone over to the dark side. Otherwise he would see no reason to rub fans’ nose in the state of the local franchise. The Padres have hardly been a model franchise, but the organization gave him (hardly a five-tool player) a chance to play, an appreciation day and a coaching gig.
    As a player, he served as a role model for our son and was a fan favorite. I’ve bought all his music and attended his concerts. So I feel doubly insulted and deeply disappointed. It’s hard enough to be a Padres’ fan without this guy rubbing our noses in it and extolling the virtues of the Giants of all teams (the team with the most obnoxious fans to visit Petco Park).

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