What did the Padres bloggers accomplish?

Craig Elsten and John Gennaro address the #FireMikeDee movement among local bloggers and find out exactly what was gained for San Diego Padres fans. Later, the guys talk about their favorite Tony Gwynn memories and answer some questions from listeners.

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One thought on “What did the Padres bloggers accomplish?

  1. cjay44

    I must say this, and I hope Scott and BR will address it because I feel it is vital. I am not defending Preller in any way, but if the MLB draft is in fact a crap shoot how can the Giant success in the draft be explained?
    2006 Tim Lincecum
    2007 Madison Bumgarner
    2008 Buster Posey
    2009 Zack Wheeler (showed huge upside till injury.)
    2011 Joe Panik
    2014 Tyler Beede
    Yes, the Giants have had some misses in the draft, but I don’t think a crap shoot could bring in a streak of game changing talent that is seen here. These are and were some of the best players in the game at their position at one time, and players like Panik, Wheeler, and Beede are on the rise.
    There must be a certain amount of skill and talent that goes into a draft being successful.

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