What is Durant Looking For? The Czar weighs in

SAN DIEGO – Free agent decisions are some of the toughest choices for NBA players according to NBA TV/TNT analyst Mike Fratello.

Speaking on The Burns Report, the former head coach weighed in on the Kevin Durant sweepstakes that a half-dozen teams are competing for.

“Decisions aren’t easy in free agency,” said Fratello. “Does he need the publicity… the notoriety of going to a big city, or is he good where everybody loves him and you’ve got a sidekick (Westbrook) next to him?”

The Czar also said on the podcast he thinks rookies Domantas Sabonis in Oklahoma City and Wade Baldwin IV in Memphis could be in the best position after the NBA Draft.

“Even though many people said this was a two-player draft… I don’t necessarily believe that.”

Fratello, a head coach in Cleveland from 1993-1999, joked before reflecting on just how much the city’s newly claimed championship means for those who suffered through the five decade drought.

“So many of the young people they don’t even know what 52 years ago was… and now all the sudden [for them] to come back, it was a special feeling throughout all these people that brought so much joy and bragging rights.”

When asked if there was a specific off-season trade that caught him by surprise, Fratello picked the Serge Ibaka move to Orlando over former MVP Derrick Rose being traded to the Knicks.

“The better shooter he became and the more range he started to add to his jump shot, I feel you got a less effective Sere Ibaka.”

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  1. ucanthandlethetruth

    Insightful, good use of the Czar, relevant questions-listened to the whole 10 minutes of the cast, came away informed, asked questions the listener would ask-good job

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