The Chargers should go

By Joe Tutino

The Chargers should go.
I’ve reached the point due to the lack of ideas, vision and the constant restarts in just discussing the topic of a new football stadium, that it’s just time.
The Chargers have been talking about wanting a new stadium in San Diego for nearly 15 years. We’ve had countless renderings. We’ve had land searches. We’ve had push back from environmentalists, but we’ve never had a plan. Not one time have we seen a plan.
How much are the Chargers and the NFL willing to put forward to fund a new facility? Do we have a number? A percentage of the cost? We don’t.
On the other side, has the city said exactly what it can and cannot do? No. It’s all posturing and 90 minute closed door meetings.
All we DO know is the Chargers want and now need a new stadium.
We have no plan and we, the city of San Diego, are waiting to see and hope the rumors of LA don’t come true. It’s idiotic.
LA will happen.
What are you going to do about it San Diego?
What are you planning to do, Chargers?
From my view, neither side is doing enough to keep the team here or address the issue of an inferior stadium.



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